Where would I buy a wide shower curtain?
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I need a shower curtain that is at least 84 inches wide; 96 is even better. It also needs to be fabric and machine washable (not one of those vinyl things). But it seems like you can only buy shower curtains in a standard or long size?? Where did you buy your extra-wide shower curtain?

Most websites don't even let you filter for wider shower curtains, so searching big sites like Wayfair or Target or Amazon is a nightmare. When you search for "extra wide shower curtain" on Google you get hundreds of results from places like Pottery Barn and Overstock that -- surprise! -- do not actually sell extra wide shower curtains. I found like, one guy on Etsy, and one 108" curtain from Amazon in plain white. Is that really my only option?

Please, please do not tell me to make my own or to just buy two shower curtains and have them overlap. This should be a solvable problem.
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I'm not sure what trouble you're having with Amazon. This is literally the first result for "extra wide shower curtain"; the widths are easily selectable from the product description and they go up to 108".
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Just chiming in to say that the exact curtain linked to above is one that we purchased for the showers at work and we're satisfied with the quality, if you just want to get that and be done with it.
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Here are two.



And I agree — shopping for anything online has become a nightmare. It’s impossible to find specially items at specialty stores anymore because the big 5 just sell terrible knock-off stuff, google decides that it’s ok to present search results that are what they think is in the general area of what you typed in, and their results always make it to the top.
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Response by poster: The top curtain linked only comes in black in the 108" width, which would be a pretty intense look for a bathroom :( I found lots of stuff that had extra wide shower curtains in only white (or I guess also only black!), but lots of colors available in standard sizes.

Silvery Fish, that second one is listed as extra long rather than wide, which makes me leery :(
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Response by poster: So far other than this one Etsy seller, I've just seen this curtain a few different places under a few different assumed names. If that's genuinely my only option other than black or white it's fine, but some articles suggested that "specialty stores" might sell wider shower curtains, so I guess that's what I'm hoping to learn about. (I promise I spent more than one minute on this before I came here! I don't want to waste anyone's time.)
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Best answer: What colour do you want? Again, there seem to be plenty turning up on Amazon with nothing more than a basic search. Grey? Cream / beige? Floral?
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I have this one from target. The review is correct that it is quite aromatic at first, but we found that airing it out for a few days outside did the trick. It's 108 inches wide -- whether that's too wide, I don't know.
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That one is vinyl, which OP said they specifically don't want.
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Response by poster: So like, ideally there would be a website where I could see all the options and then choose one (the way you can often usually for products on a website, I think I've gotten spoiled), rather than click on 90 links hoping that some of them are the right width, but it seems that may not be available so I'm just going to buy that gray one, thank you for taking the time to look! That one is way nicer than the ones I found.

(blueberry monster, can't do vinyl, but thank you)
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Best answer: 350 fabric choices, in 84" or 100" width; "If you need a size not shown -please call us we can assist you."
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