Please help me find this pair of knee-length workout shorts.
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I saw a great pair of shorts on a woman, but she got away before I could ask her where she got them. Can you help me find a similar pair? They came to just barely below her knees. They were on the loose side -- not tights, leggings, or yoga pants, but not as baggy as knickerbockers. For working out in, made out of some kind of jersey. They were cuffed, like joggers, at the knee.

Sort of like this illustration, but not too baggy. An inch or so shorter than these, and loose. Relaxed fit like this, but knee-length.

We're in the US. The sneakers she was wearing cost $150 - $200, for context.
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I'd try "cropped joggers" as a search term.
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"Cropped jogger" is def. what you want. I have these and these and a few others that are no longer available, but there are a bunch on Amazon. Watch the inseam measurement and compare it to your body to get an idea of the length on you -- sometimes it'll be in the listing, other times reviewers will mention it.
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I have some Speedo brand that I got at a thrift store that are pretty much exactly what you're describing -- the closest I can find on their website are these, which are a little longer than mine.
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Are these Lululemon joggers too long?

These Amazon ones are a little shorter, but maybe still too long.
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Response by poster: The Amazon ones are a bit too tight, but close. Thank you all for your answers -- "cropped joggers" is the term I need!
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