How to find an artist to do custom drawings?
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What’s the best way to screen an artist’s work and get some custom drawings done?

I’m putting together a business plan for a small movie house (a tough sell in the age of multiplex theatres I know, but I think I have the right location, the right demographics and the right building). I need some sketches of what the theatre could look like – classic small town 1930’s or 40’s style. These will help with the business plan for the town council, the local building authorities, even my bank with the funding. I’m not sure where to go to get these sketches done. Ideally, I’d like to screen some quick-and-dirty sample work from a handful of contenders, pick an artist who “gets it” and have them do a couple of detailed drawings for me. I’ll pay fair market value for the drawings, but I’m not sure how to find the artists. Or is there another, better way to go about this?
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For a project of mine, I scanned over the Communication Arts' "Creative Hotlist" for an artist. You can filter results by style, location, etc...some artists have resumes and portfolios on the list itself, other link to their personal sites. Very helpful, IMHO.
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For sketches of non-existent buildings, contact an architectural firm. Architects take classes in architectural drawing.
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Generally, any professional working artist/designer/illustrator is not going to be interested in whipping up some "quick and dirty" spec sketches for the purpose of being in a beauty contest with other artists. They will submit a portfolio of their work for your review, however. You might get better traction with this plan if you approach a local college architecture class, or something similar.

I’ll pay fair market value...
Define "fair market value".
If you are approaching professional artists, you had better be prepared to pay whatever their going rate is.
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Your question reminded me of this previous thread, which may be useful to you, especially regarding payment. And I'll second the suggestion that you probably need help from an architectural firm.
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Junkbox, that was a very useful thread, thanks! I think you guys are right and I need to approach an architectural firm. I had planned to do so anyway later in the process, but there's no reason they can't do this as well.

I was kind of hoping to be able to hook up with an artist that could help with conceptualizing the storefront, but engaging a professional at their hourly rate and working through it that way is probably more realistic.
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