Name My Character: Diminutive Edition
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I have a female character that needs a name and accompanying diminutive with some parameters.

She needs a formal name that pretty much everyone calls her by (think Elizabeth). However, there is another character that will be shortening her name. So she needs a loose diminutive.

The parameters are:

1. The diminutive can't really be a stand-alone name (i.e. Sue for Susan or Will for William). Two examples I have already are Whit (for Whitney) and Rox (for Roxy/Roxanne).

2. The diminutive form needs to use the beginning of her name. I'm really just looking for a shortening of her name using the first few letters. So, no "Babs" for Barbara or "Peg" for Margaret.

3. The diminutive form needs to be one syllable.

4. The diminutive needs to not sound dumb and I know this is very subjective. It needs to be more of a natural shortening of the name. "Dor" for Dorothy just doesn't do it for me.

5. I'd like it to be a little original or not obvious - "Jen" for Jennifer is obvious. "Rox" for Roxy/Roxanne is not as obvious, I feel.

This has been plaguing me for weeks and I'm having issues coming up with exactly what I'm looking for. In the end, I could go for the Whit or the Rox, but I'd love to see what else is out there. I know this is sort of a hand-wavy vague question, but my brain is just having such a hard time coming up with what I'm looking for.

Hit me with your ideas!
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“Mer” for Meredith? Pronounced like mare.
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Best answer: Cyn for Cynthia?
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Jewels for Julia?
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Cam - Camilla
Scar - Scarlett
Lay - Layla
Eye - Isla or Iris (which has the added cleverness of the iris being part of the eye...)
Roo - Ruby
Sav - Savannah
Roe - Rose
Ray - Reagan
Ez - Esme
Jazz - Jasmine
Liv - Olivia

All from browsing the first 200 names on this list and seeing what felt good. There are 1000 names in all so you might find more! Now I look at them, mine are all heavy on v, y, z, I don't know why, your tastes may vary, but you could have a browse.
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El or Ellie/Eleanor
Gabs/Gabriella or Gabrielle
Jo/Jolana or Jordana or Jolene or Joanne
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(And you could be more phonetic if you need to keep the spellings of the full name eg. Ro for Rose, Es for Esme etc).
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El for Eliza/Elizabeth
Aim or Ames for Amelia/Amethyst/Amy

And then there's always just using the first letter or sound of a name, like in Buffy the Vampire Slayer where the character Faith just calls Buffy "B" (could also be written as "Bee"). L or El for any name beginning with L or El, K or Kay for any name beginning with K, M or Em for any name beginning with M, etc... I once knew a girl who went by Jay but her name was Giancarla.
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Lil for Lillian
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Cass for Cassandra.
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Frank for Frankie, George for Georgie, Theo for Theodora, Alex from Alexandra, Bea from Beatrice. See also.
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Lin/Lyn for Linda/Lynette
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Best answer: Ant for Antoinette, Antonia
Ath for Athena
Fell for Felicia, Felicity
Hel for Helen, Helena, Helene (perhaps too obvious)
Just for Justine
Pet for Petra, Petronella
Sel for Celeste, Celine, Selena, Selina
Tab for Tabitha
Tan for Tania, Tansy, Tanya.
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Kath/Cath for Katherine/Catherine
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Pen for Penelope
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Li / Lil / Lilly
Ro / Ros / Rosalind
Ke / Kel / Kelly
Bel / Belinda
Bea / Beatrice
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One of my grandmother's sisters had Captolla (spelling ?!?!) for a middle name.

Captolla / Cap?
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I think Mel (for Melissa or Melanie or Melinda) has the kind of jaunty but easy sound you seem to be going for.
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Charlotte/ Shar
Caroline/ Care
Sophia/ Sofe
Madeline/ Mad
Georgiana/ Jor
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Bay for Bailey
Day for Daisy or Dana
Hay for Haley
Cal for Callista or Calliope
Des for Desdemona, Desiree or Destiny (pronounced Dez or Dess depending on the original name)
Lor for Lori, Laura, Lorraine, etc.
Ki (or Kee or Key) for Kiana
Ken for Kendra
Sim for Simone
Tee for Tia
Zo for Zoe
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Ab for Abigail
Jo for Josephine
Bree/Bri for Brianna
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Brit for Brittany?
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Fran from Francesca.
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Vic for Victoria
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Best answer: Court / Courtney
Chel, Chels / Chelsea
Shan / Shannon
Stace / Stacey
Trace / Tracey
Tam / Tamara
Haze / Hazel
Shel / Shelby
Gen / Geneva, Genevieve
Viv / Vivian
Marce / Marcella
Suze / Suzette (Suzanne, Suzanna)

a) Using first few letters, with pronunciation-hint endings: Trish / Tricia; Roe / Rowan; Day / Daisy
b) Diminutives that are traditionally male stand-alones: Bran / Brandy, Brandi, Branwen; Don / Donna; Val / Valerie; Van / Vanessa; Nic / Nicole, Nicolette; Phil / Philomena, Phillipa
Combo of a and b: Ray / Rachel
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Mar or Marg for Margaret
Cam for Camille
Tam for Tamara
Shel for Shelley
Ju for Judith
Ru for Ruth
Fel for Felicia
Bev for Beverley
Ro for Roberta
Lo for Loretta
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In The Four Gated City Doris Lessing makes kind of a big deal about the way some stereotypical Brits insist on calling a Jewish woman named Sarah who has married into their circle 'Sally', which was evidently the standard diminutive for 'Sarah' in their mileu.

Lessing uses it as marker for a quality of indelibility in British anti-Semitism, but if you had a character named Sarah who wasn’t Jewish, I'd see it as an amusing allusion to that practice if people called her 'Sal'.
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Catherine (Katerina) and Kat? Not formally a diminutive, and possibly obvious, but I know a real person who goes by those names.
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Using an initial is a quick "one size fits all" method of keeping track of people. Very "your corporate email account is now" with little input from the subject involved.

The big question-- phonetic spelling or just the capital letter?
Aye or A? Zee or Zed? L, M and N or El, Em and En?

Acknowledging this is a sloppy and somewhat dismissive method of shortening a name -- "I know you have an identity but I just can't be bothered right now. Be glad you are not one of the many Em, Ems, Emmy and Emtos (Emily #2) in my life. How annoying -- for me."
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Mar from Marilyn (my spouse’s name).
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A for Amy
Bea for Beatrice
Cee for Cecelia
Dee for Delores
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Ave for Avery
Cor for Coralina/Cordelia/Courtney
Dee for Diahndra
Dev for Devika
Ev for Evelyn
Gray for Graciela
Jos for Jocelyn
Lav for Lavinia
Lee for Liara
Lu for Lucinda/Luciana
Mac for Maxine/Mackenzie
Mal for Mallory
Mic for Micaela
Mil for Milena
Min for Minerva
Nav for Navarra
Pal for Paloma
Pris for Priscilla
Reb for Rebecca
Ro for Romina/Rosalyn
Sab for Sabrina
Sav for Savannah
Sil for Sylvia
Tal for Tallulah
Tat for Tatiana
Val for Valerie/Valentina
Virge for Virginia
Win for Wynona
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Lee for Leah is one that I hate having used on me, but maybe your character will be into it.
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Is this character American? How old is she? When is the story set? Names trend in and out of fashion, so choosing a name associated with the character's generation helps place her in the setting. Naming a character Whitney suggests to readers that she was born between 1985 and 1995; naming a character Dorothy suggests she was born in the first half of the 20th century.

The top 1000 list above is great if you're setting your story decades into the future. For a contemporary or historical U.S. setting, you can browse Social Security baby name data for the top names in a given birth year and the trend for any given name. Or you can download megabytes of historical naming data and generate a spreadsheet of baby name statistics to sort by era and popularity. Then you can browse the candidates for a name that fits your character's personality and ethnicity.

I can't tell you what nickname this particular character would answer to, just what possibilities are out there. You can always use a placeholder to start writing her dialogue with the character who addresses her informally, then pick from your shortlist whatever best fits their voices and the rhythm of the scene.
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You could also do Bridge/Bridget.
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Best answer: Tiff - Tiffany
Kel - Kelsey
Tay - Taylor
Bee - Bianca
Case - Casey
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Best answer: Hel/Helen
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Kat or Kay or Kate for Kathryn (or Katherine or Catherine)
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Zel for Zelda
Dee for Denise
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Response by poster: I’m really digging the Cyn/Cynthia and Hel/Helen since my character was raised in a strict religious household and it can be a source of amusement when the character calls her this.

Also love Court/Courtney and Case/Casey in that they are natural sounding shortening of the name without them typically being a name on their own.
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I think the whole name should be oddly long which would force someone into the short name.

Vivianette - Viv
Esmeralda - Ez
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character was raised in a strict religious household
Nev / Nevaeh
Tab / Tabitha
Bern / Bernadette, Bernice
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Harm / Harmony
Chair / Charity

Riffing on the religious amusements
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