Cool Castoffs in Copenhagen
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In November, I am going to Copenhagen for a seminar and would love to hit one thrift shop. I googled the thrift shops and came up with a Copenhagen list but not sure which one is best for tchotchkas, costume jewelry, an odd coffee mug etc. Not really interested in clothing, please. I know this is a long shot, but Ask MeFi is a goldmine of information and maybe someone reading this has a lead for me?
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Where are you staying? That might influence your choices. There's a big one near the corner of Nørrebrogade and Fælledvej, and one that is more anarchistic, and thus better, but a bit further out from the city center (on the other hand, its right next to the Nørrebro Metro Station). Walking from one to the next, you will pass by several smaller shops.
The island of Amager is also known for its excellent thrift shops, if your seminar is at the university there. I haven't been there for ages, so this is just a list of all the stores.
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