How to browse Listmania lists on Amazon?
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I can't figure out a way to browse Amazon via Listmania lists. Is there any way to do this? They show up on nearly every book page I visit, but I'd like to browse through them by user and topic.
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Well, here's the Top 100. And I think that any user's lists are linked from his user page, just like reviews. (I have none.) But I don't think there's a convenient way to browse via topic, other than lily-pad leaping.
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That's what I was afraid of. Amazon really needs to get a competent UI designer- I've got over 1200 books on my wishlist from years of windowshopping, but if my browser doesn't have me logged in with a cookie I can barely ever figure out how to log in.

And this is after years, mind you!


ps- thanks!
posted by wires at 9:47 PM on April 20, 2006

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