Comfy soft sleep shirts
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I am looking for the comfiest, softest sleep t-shirts. Short sleeve is a must. No pajama sets, as I am all set with sleep pants.
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Best answer: Modal crew tee from MeUndies.

I have one, it’s sooooo soft and comfy. Link goes to the women’s version but they sell it in a men’s cut as well.
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Response by poster: Oh sorry I forgot to say--I'm looking primarily for women's shirts.
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Royal Apparel has a large selection of U.S. made women's t-shirts. I've enjoyed the men's shirts I've bought from them.
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My favorite sleep shirts are cheap v-neck tees from Old Navy. V neck keep me cooler and doesn’t bunch around my neck.
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Fishers Finery sleep tee. Highly recommended. They have other styles if this one doesn't suit you.
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If cost isn't an issue, you want Royal Highnies.
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Brooklinen’s Delancey Tee.

- cotton blend
- very soft, gets softer

- a little short
- only goes to 2XL

For me it’s 99% perfect. I noticed they’re short on colors currently, so hoping they don’t discontinue them.
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I love anything made by Stars Above from Target. I own two of their pajama sets and they are so darn soft, and very reasonably priced. I have stopped to feel this shirt made of the same fabric several times and I'll probably go buy one this week!
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Jessica Simpson makes some great, soft almost raglan sleeve tees.
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