Donating to Midterm Elections
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I know it's late in the season, but can anyone recommend groups that will distribute money I donate to the most important midterm races?

The top of my list is money that goes to a place it may make a difference on the outcome: The race should be winnable, and the candidate shouldn't be flush with cash.

Secondarily I'd love to move the money through a group that is especially interested in helping progressive candidates, which is why I'm not just sending it in to the DCCC.

But the most important characteristic is winnable races. I'm trying to avoid the classic out-of-state donor issue where money flows to people who sound inspiring nationally but have limited local appeal.

Recommendations do not need to be limited to congressional elections; state legislature and gubernatorial options are welcome too.
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I'd donate to Sharmaine Daniels who is running against Scott Perry to represent the Harrisburg region in PA. She's a great candidate with a lot of momentum. Perry is the MAGA Republican who sought a pardon for his role in January 6th and tried to decertify PA's electoral votes. He is a Bad Guy.
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Best answer: Given she was forced to start her campaign a few days ago when the democratic candidate quit without telling anyone to become a lobbyist for a utility company, the single campaign where a maginal dollar is most useful is probably Eva Diaz in SD-22 (Arizona statehouse).

More generally, I think your instinct to donate to local/state races is good. The same people who brought Eva Diaz to my attention run a slate of donors for tightly contested statehouses. See Give Smart (and scroll down). Note this money goes directly to candidates, which is good at this late hour. Sending stuff into e.g. the DCCC's administrative black hole with days to go is not a good idea if your goal is to influence this election.
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Best answer: Have you looked at Swing Left? They've made it really easy to see how you can affect the most competitive races with your donation.
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I was just coming in to recommend Give Smart, so instead I'll second.
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Check out BlueTent for guidance on races that could use the help.
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EMILY’s List supports progressive women candidates in competitive races.
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Response by poster: Belated thanks to all who answered. In the end I Gave to Swing Left and Give Smart both; this bundle-and-distribute to slates of candidates is what I was looking for.
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