Favorite Oracle/Journal Prompting/Meditation Card Decks
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I'm seeking suggestions for card decks I can use as journal prompts or reflection purposes. Do you have any favorites? More details inside, but that's really the main idea.

In an effort to not sit in bed scrolling endlessly on the phone, I recently tried a little practice where I drew a tarot card and reflected on it in a little journal entry*. I'd like to make a regular practice of this, perhaps around bedtime and wakeup, and expand it to more than just tarot. I'm seeking ideas for collections of cards that prompt reflection, meditation practices, etc. I am considering the Pema Chodron Compassion Cards as one option, for example. But I'd love to hear if anyone has any decks or collections that they really love! I am trying to keep this fairly open because adjacent type suggestions are also welcomed for this Ask.

(*typed on my phone. baby steps, you know. suggestions for how to journal by hand when your writing is illegible and your hand can't keep up with your brain would also be met with gratitude.)
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My favorite is The Spacious Tarot. Take a look at Indie Deck Review and see what resonates with you.
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I have Mindfulness Cards: Simple Practices for Everyday Life.

But mindfulness is not my thing. If this sounds like something you would like, I would be happy to send them to you for the cost of shipping.
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I love the open-ended prompts of the Brian Eno / Peter Schmidt Oblique Strategies deck.
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I occasionally poke around with Tarot; and two decks I like mostly for the goofiness are the Housewife Tarot and the Movie Tarot. The Housewives Tarot uses kitchy 50s retro imagery for everything - The High Priestess is a Mrs. Butterworth syrup bottle, The Lovers is a couple in a convertible, etc. And the Movie Tarot uses characters from films for the card illustrations - Forrest Gump is The Fool, Julie Andrews in THE SOUND OF MUSIC is The Sun, etc. They're still functional Tarot cards, but somehow if you get the "Devil" card and it's a picture of a chocolate cake instead of Satan, it's a good reminder not to get too carried away with the darker interpretations.
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Lisa McLoughlin has a number of beautiful decks. Her Textures Tarot is beautiful but based on your question you might find either of the Life Design Decks (Original or v 2.0) interesting and thought provoking.
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I like the Urban Crow Oracle by MJ Cullinane. She has other tarot & oracle sets if you want more options.
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I'm ignorant of all things tarot, but came in here to suggest that Oblique Strategies, same as miles per flower.

But on re-reading, I wonder if you would like something like the I Ching or something similar as well. And if it's "get in a meditative headspace" x "ameliorate my illegible handwriting," maybe you could think about the message while practicing calligraphy/slowly+legibly writing the brief readings that come with each hexagram. eg

Vague, flexible words. Hell, if I were doing this, I'd start where my favorite HS literature teacher would have started... Blake's Proverbs of Hell. After all, "Joys impregnate" but "Sorrows bring forth."
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I'm a big fan of The Wild Unknown's Archetype oracle deck.
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The Osho Zen Tarot deck is perfect for this. Each card is a meditation.
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I LOVE my Literary Witches Oracle Cards. They’re based on “magical” women writers. I’ve used them for what you’re describing and for doing readings. The art is gorgeous and it’s a high-quality deck.
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The Deeper Talk Deck from Bestself, 150 prompts in 6 categories that can prompt yourself or prompt conversation between you and your partner.
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Ahhh I love this question and I love oracle decks! I have several that are my top choices but my very favorite one for just this type of thing is the Inquire Within deck from Worthwhile Paper. It is a beautiful and simple deck, and I always find it useful.
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