"Triangle of Sadness" puking scenes?
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I'm going to see "Triangle of Sadness" tonight and want to avoid seeing most of the puking scenes. My friend says they're concentrated over like 10-15 minutes of the film (and it will be obvious when it's coming). Could anyone who has seen it suggest a good point for me to leave the theater and roughly how long for? (I've trying to minimize spoilers but fine to say something like, "Leave when everyone eats the rotten fish..." or whatever...)
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Best answer: Just watched it. There's a formal "Captain's dinner" during the cruise; leave when people start looking queasy (this will be obvious) and stay away for a good 15-20 minutes. I'm not that sure about the timing because it felt very long to me!
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Hey, just for your future use if this is a thing you generally wish to avoid in movies, Does The Dog Die is sometimes useful for this particular thing and there's also a fb group specifically for this where time stamps are often included.
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Response by poster: Yes! Thanks! That was exactly it. It is super obvious when people start looking queasy, so I left then, hung out in the lobby for almost exactly 15 minutes, and came back to see only the aftermath.

Good film!
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