If I HAVE to use MS Edge, Then I Want To Customize It
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MS Edge is the default browser at work. I have accepted this. What I do NOT want to accept is that there's a widget that keeps me updated with stock info throughout the day. How do I turn THAT ONE THING off?

This widget usually appears in my taskbar, at the bottom right of my screen; it alternates weather info ("59 degrees", "Rain stopping") with stock market updates ("DOW down 0.5", "Euro up 1"). The weather bit is helpful, but the stock market stuff is not.

I've searched for solutions, but all of them refer to how to turn off elements of MS Edge 10, and I have MS Edge 11; all solutions I've read blithely say to simply "turn off in the widget manager part of your profile settings", but I've gone to profile settings repeatedly and cannot find a widget manager there.

I've managed to find a way to stop it from appearing in the taskbar altogether, so it now only appears in the top-left of the "new tab" page. Which is dealable - but I would prefer having the weather back if possible. It's just the stock info I don't want to see.

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Oops, deleted. I see you already fixed the taskbar. Sorry.
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That's not Edge, per se, It's actually a Windows thing. Try this.
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Response by poster: Sardonyx, that's what I did to remove the widget from the taskbar entirely. I'm looking for something that will EDIT the widget, so it ONLY shows me "weather" rather than showing me "weather-interspersed-with-stock-info".
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I htink you have the News Tab
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Response by poster: Nope, I turned that off too. I turned off EVERYTHING I could, but when I open a new tab, I still see something in the upper-left corner of the screen that says "Good morning [EC]" and then starts cycling through a series of weather announcements, and then stock info.

The "Good morning [EC]" is okay. The weather is okay. The stock info is not.

I can live with that thing going away entirely if need be.

I turned off everything else, but that thing is still there.
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Best answer: Ah, sorry, I misunderstood. I'm afraid you're out of luck. I went looking for exactly the same thing (although it was a number of months ago). I like the weather information. I don't care about the stock stuff, and I really don't like the idea of it eating up my bandwidth. It seems, from my searching at the time, that it's all or nothing. It's either weather+stocks+news or nothing, much to my disappointment.
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Best answer: That seems to be the "Greeting" rather than a widget - so you can turn it off under page settings, but don't seem to be able to edit it.
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Response by poster: Ah well - thanks anyway, marking this resolved.
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Someone here suggests using International English instead of US English to get rid of the stock options.
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There are also sites the show a registry edit method (for example) but there are also reports of that technique not working, but if you're feeling bold...
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Popping in to say, perhaps not very helpfully, that it's definitely possible - mine only has the weather. I do not know whether I somehow set this up myself (I have some memory issues lately), or whether it was like that by default, though I'd swear it was the latter. I'm not in the US fwiw.
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To address the problem from a different direction: If you're able to install browser extensions (I've had mixed luck depending on the company and the specific browser/extension), you could use something like Tabliss to override the default new tab.
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I don't use the Widget button in Windows 11 for other reasons (mostly because I use Rainmeter for this sort of thing, and I hate that it just launches on mouse-over), but when I was trying it out I found that I could pin a bunch of non-news panels up at the top so that the news stuff gets pushed below the visible area when it's shown. You should also be able to manage your interests via the settings which may help you avoid content you don't want as well.
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Can you disable it and then, separately, install some similar weather widget?

Solidarity; as far as I can tell the design philosophy of Windows has become "We Alone Decide What The User Is Allowed To Want".
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When I open it from the taskbar (not sure how to open it now that it's not there), there's a settings icon on the top right. Clicking that brings up a little menu with 'Notification Settings' at the top. Clicking that brings up some categories you can turn on/ off like 'Finance'.

Alternatively, there's a 'Manage Interests' choice which brings up a 'Microsoft Start' tab in what appears to be Edge. Choosing 'Notifications' from that page (it's on the right on my screen) appears to give you a lot of things you can turn on or off, including under the 'Money' heading 'Markets' and 'Stocks'
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