Vape battery with a flippy cover?
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my bff's favorite 510 thread vape battery has been discontinued, the late great Aris Tick and we are in the market for a new model. can you help?

what we like about the aris tick:
flippy cover for the mouthpiece
variable voltage
stands upright
rugged and compact
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Best answer: I'm quite fond of this one by Phat Panda; it folds into itself or flicks out, it's sturdy and pleasant to use, and it has a built-in USB charging cable-- no need to hunt for an adaptor!
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Best answer: I like the Yocan Uni Pro - it has variable voltage, stands upright, is rugged and compact, but does not have a cover for the mouthpiece. I got mine on sale for about $25 last January, and I use it regularly but not heavily (usually a few times a week), and it’s held up well - I’ve never had a problem with it.
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Best answer: Maybe this?
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Response by poster: wow thanks everyone these are excellent finds and i praise you all for your generosity and good taste <3
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