Where's a gallery of Google's logos?
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Where can I find all of Google's logo designs from times past?

You know how Google redoes their logo on "special" (I'd argue not all of them are logo-changing-worthy) occasions, such as during the Olympics, Beethoven's birthday, St. Patrick's Day, etc.?

Is there anywhere out there that has a gallery or something similar of all the different designs that they've done over the years?

I've certainly tried to look myself, but to no avail. The only idea I came up with was checking the WayBackMachine and looking at specific dates, but who can remember everytime it's changed?

So MeFi, help me out!
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posted by exogenous at 2:07 PM on April 20, 2006

Um... I Googled and found this.
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Any official archive is going to be missing the Dali and Miro ones, since the Artists Rights Society hassled them over it.
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Ah hah. Thanks exogenous! I'm pretty sure that covers just about everything.

Power of MeFi at its best.
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Here's a different Dilbert one: http://web.archive.org/web/20020523134510/http://www2.google.com/

The Dali one happened in May 2002, according to the article linked above, but if this is it, it's been zapped into the memory hole.
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also see this page dedicated to Google's logos. Which I found, curiously enough, by doing a Google Image search of "Google Dali," turning up the image they'd been forced to take down. ^_^
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If you make your own custom personalized Google homepage (http://google.com/ig), you can choose a module called Customize the Google Logo. This offers the whole list.
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I don't know why I grabbed it, but here's the Miro.
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