effing eff eff jets effing up my quiet weekend
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It's that time again in Louisville, KY, time for a quaint tradition involving jets and fireworks invading my neighborhood. Instead of suffering through it, I've made the decision to escape with my sweetheart and pooch in tow. Now, where to go?

We'd like to find a spot within a 4 hour drive and accommodations that will welcome our small dog. We're also young, not fussy, and somewhat ill at the idea of staying at a smarmy country inn.

Any ideas?
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What price range are you looking for? What kind of place and activities do you want - quiet and rural, or (relatively) urban?
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Response by poster: Budget is healthy, but not unlimited. We mostly just want to hang out, perhaps walk around a nice town, go on a hike, watch movies on my laptop. Quiet and rural would be fine, as would relatively urban.
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In Lexington, there's the Springs Inn. They have some nice rooms and some poky little rooms, depending on price, although all kind of dated. Some of their rooms do allow pets. Everything's twice its usual price right now because Keeneland's stlll running, but it should still be affordable (it was last year). That puts you in easy reach of Keeneland in case you actually want to see a horse race during Derby week, and an easy drive to Raven Run for a little hike or Shakertown to look around.
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I'm pretty sure Keeneland's spring meet ends April 28, but I know Shakertown is a fun trip, and it's bound to be beautiful this time of year. Pine Mountain is a cute little retreat too, also beautiful.
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Um, the Keeneland meet ends the 28th, and Thunder over Louisville is the 22nd. Shouldn't be a problem, should it?

Pine Mountain is beautiful, but it's about 4 1/2 hours each way from Louisville, and park lodgings don't allow pets. I checked before I posted about the pets, because otherwise I would have recommended something in the park system - as to the distance, my family's from that county. And there's not really any other place that would be nice to stay around there, as I've discovered while planning to go visit my grandmother in the week leading up to Derby.
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