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My partner's sister is dealing with simultaneous health and job issues and is generally having a bit of a rough time. We want to do something nice for her and her husband, and were thinking that paying in advance for an event happening a year or so from now would hit the right note -- something that conveys "all this will pass, and we're willing to bet on that." So: what's happening in a year that we can buy tickets for now?

We're imagining an actual event -- so something more specific than plane tickets to somewhere exciting. She likes beer and wine and food, and baseball. Open to all cultural events, though probably skewing more populist than highbrow. She lives in Toronto, we're in NYC, and we're willing to travel anywhere not too crazy. Money is somewhat of an object (we're all doing-OK middle-class folks) but just for fun maybe pretend it isn't?
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Best answer: Book a weekend in Montreal for next summer! They haven’t announced dates yet, but when they do you could get tickets to the Montreal Cirque (circus) festival:
It’s usually held in July, has world class circus performances (7 doigts de la main is one of my favorite companies), and you could tack on a couple days before or after the festival to enjoy Montreal, which is one of the best cities in the world (easily accessible from both NYC and Toronto, lots of charming AirBnB options, great food, and has an awesome cruise-ship-turned-spa:
Also, this is such a kind/thoughtful idea <3
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We do this all the time with concert tickets. We are traveling half way around the world next month to see an artist we booked tickets to over a year ago.
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Best answer: It’s a little more than a year, but there will be a solar eclipse visible from big parts of the US in April, 2024. The eclipse I witnessed a few years ago was truly one of the most amazing and memorable experiences of my life. Bonus: zero chance of cancellation barring true global (or lunar) annihilation.
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Best answer: There are lots of beer festivals, including the Oregon Brewers Festival, held the last weekend of July in Portland.

I'm sure Seattle has some great beer-fests, and you can pair that with a Mariners game, and maybe Bumbershoot.

For next level, you could go to Octoberfest in Munich...
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Best answer: Yeah, I was coming in to post about the solar eclipse as well. It's in April 2024, so farther away than your desired on year, but it's a big deal.

I would recommend traveling to Texas or even Mexico for it, since there you will have the best chances of clear, dry weather. My extended family will be gathering in Texas, details TBD.

Note: the graphic at the top of that page also shows the October 2023 eclipse. Do not make any effort to see that one. It's an annular eclipse, not total, and totally (ha) less impressive. In the world of eclipses, there is a massive difference between 99% and 100% ...
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I believe this is one of the reasons Hamilton was written.
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