Find me a poem: Cusp, by Kim Shuck
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My friend sent me a voice memo of a poem she liked: Cusp, by Kim Shuck. But she can't find the text and it was in a church bulletin, so she doesn't know what book or magazine it was published in. Please help me find this poem in print!

The text as best as I can transcribe from the voice recording, without the author's line breaks or punctuation:

Morning star
the redwood has caught her
for the moment, this
ancestor net, this
old game on the cusp of a day
that I know will be hot, will
bake the tiny tomatoes on the vine
and set the lavender and rosemary scent free
ripples of early autumn that break out
in orange butterflies
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Best answer: It appears in Deer Trails: San Francisco Poet Laureate Series No. 7
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