What Snoop Dogg Song?
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There is a song in which Snoop Dogg rhymed punani* with salami in an epic work of lyrical art that will never be equaled. Tragically I cannot remember which song, and Google has almost no results. Can you name that tune?

*Am I spelling punani incorrectly? Is that the reason I can't Google this satisfactorily?
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Best answer: That would be Fat Joe - Bet Ya Man Can't, verse 4.
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I always thought it was "poonani" but maybe it's a personal choice!
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Best answer: At about 2:30-2:38 is the verse

Bet Ya Man Can't (Triz) (feat. Big Punisher, Cuban Link & Triple Seis)
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Wiktionary has it as 'punani'
From Jamaican Creole punani, from Akan oponaani. Possibly influenced by English poon (“vagina”) from French putain, or from Hawaiian Puanani (“beautiful flower”)
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Response by poster: AMAZING. I knew y'all would come through. Thank you so much, but are we 100% sure there was not also a Snoop song because I really think there was...
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I saw the following for "Soja" by CKay:

Punani wet like tsunami

Possibly? But no Snoop Dogg that I can think of

Soja by CKay
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Sorry for double post, should be at 1:25-1:32

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I don't know if "punani" is the correct spelling, but it's the spelling used by Sublime, so it's what I've always used.
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For the overly lazy, a direct link to the youtube videos, just before the lines are said: Bet Ya Man @ 2:30 and Soja @ 1:21.
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Punani/tsunami rhymes, see also (or don't): Big Sean, Cassidy, Mobb Deep, Napoleon da Legend, Rakim, 6ix9ine, Vybz Kartel, Young M.A., and Yo Gotti.
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