Best way to record calls?
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I have to record interviews for work, and after my old computer died, I've realized that the new computer (MacBook Pro M2) doesn't support the old program that I used to record calls. It was Ecamm's Call Recorder for Skype. I liked the fact that it automatically started recording whenever I made a call, and then the recorded files were easy to find. I saw an older related question, but does anyone have any recent recommendations?

I'd rather not rely on Zoom (and frequently have to join Zoom meetings that have been set up by PR agencies- in a few cases in the past when I've had to ask them to let me record through Zoom, because they hadn't shared a dial-in number, they couldn't figure out how to do it, and it's just messier if someone else has to be involved in making it work.)
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Have a look at Audio Hijack. Has been around for years, and the developers are well-regarded.
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If the audio quality is important -- for example if you are broadcasting or podcasting these interviews -- look at zencastr or Both of these are browser-based applications that record an audio file locally on each participant's device, and then sync it up for you. This gets around the garbly audio compression that realtime videoconferencing apps have to apply.
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I think Microsoft teams and google voice both allow recording.
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