Big jacket pockets?
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My favorite jacket recently gave up the ghost. Can you direct me to one that fits a slim A5 notebook in its pocket?

It was an REI waterproof shell that had 4 external pockets (some of which also has additional compartments) as well as a full complement of interior pockets. I do love having many pockets but my favorite was one of the front pockets that opened upwards with a flap and button. It could hold a small water bottle or the titular A5 notebook; it was maybe ~6" by ~8.5".

I've looked at some previous questions, but they had mostly broken links or were focused on cold weather gear. My climate is pretty temperate but gets a fair amount of rain. This pocket-centric ask was quite useful and how I found the candidate below.

Is there a search term to help me in my quest? It looks like number of pockets is advertised, like this candidate from Duluth Trading Company, but it's hard for me to see the size of the aforementioned pockets. Any help would be appreciated, I would love to be able to look online instead of bringing the notebook to department stores all around town.
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Perhaps an Anorak? Or a vest like this.
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this candidate from Duluth Trading Company, but it's hard for me to see the size of the aforementioned pockets.

From a customer feedback quote: "My only minor complaint are the lower pockets: the openings are smaller than what I'm used to, and I struggle to get in them sometimes."
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Oh, and if your love for pockets is really as extreme as you suggest...
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"Patch pockets" might be a good search term.
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Best answer: Guide Gear Men's 2-in-1 Field Jacket Vest. In general, "field jackets" or "field coats" have those pockets.
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ScottEVest? Lots of pockets and info on pocket size.
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Best answer: “Reporter jackets” is also a good search term in addition to field jackets. Fjallraven has some good pocket game.
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Tactical Vest, like this 5.11 Tactical TacLite Pro Vest 17 pockets. Not sure if they still have the inside pockets, but that inside pockets would be big enough to swallow maps UNFOLDED. :) Once I jokingly put in a full size keyboard. :D
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Best answer: LL Bean has quite a few pocket-forward jackets, and I am confident that customer service would provide you with specific measurements if you called or emailed them. There are several options on this page that might work, depending on what style, weight, and price you're looking for.

The pockets on this Uniqlo option also look pretty huge.
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Best answer: I just tested, and the pockets of my Fjallraven Greenland jacket comfortably accommodate my A5 planner. I have the uninsulated version, which is just a shell. There are various liners available from Fjallraven, but I often wear mine with a lightweight 850 down jacket from Patagonia underneath. Fjallraven also make the same jacket in an insulated version, as well as one in wool.

I waxed my jacket to make it water and wind resistant. It took about an hour but I'm very pleased with the results. I have tried both the Fjallraven Greenland branded wax bar and the Otter Wax in the can. I found the latter easier to use but ymmv. For me, the waxing took the jacket to the next level; I love that it's water repellent using a natural product. For a while there, I wanted to wax all the things!

I linked to the men's version of each of these products, but they're all also available in women's sizes. I can't speak for the sizing of the men's jackets, but the women's runs really big. I think I ended up getting an XXS and it's definitely roomy enough for a bulky sweater.

I really love my jacket and wear it until the weather gets too cold and I have to bust out my big-gun parka (which ALSO has giant pockets). When I lived in a milder climate, I wore it all winter. Mine is almost a decade old and still looks new.
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FWIW, Swisslink has some military surplus jackets from Europe. This particular M85 Jacket came from the Czech army and the 2 interior pockets seem to be quite large.
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