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Does anyone have a favorite Inn, or Bed and Breakfast, or AirBNB, or Hotel that they like near Provincetown, Massachusetts? I am trying to narrow down my focus!
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I've stayed at the Provincetown Inn and Gabriel's, both are great.

The Provincetown Inn is all the way on the west end of town and has a very old-timey seaside vibe. There's a pool that's open to the public that gives things a fun party vibe during the day, and the hotel is right on the bay with a beach to hang out on (it's also around the corner from the Red Inn, which is one of my favorite spots in town). If you are bringing kids, this is probably the most kid-friendly place to stay in town.

Gabriel's is more of a standard B&B, but it doesn't give me that creepy feeling that I'm staying in a stranger's home the way some B&B's do. The rooms are really nice.

Not sure what your status is, but places to stay in Provincetown cater to different demographics, and both of these places are good choices for anyone, including if you are straight and/or coming with kids.

If you're coming for a whole week I recommend getting something on VRBO. Everything has gotten way more expensive in the last few years, but this is still the best bang for your buck if you're sticking around for a while.
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I've stayed at the Benchmark and the White Porch out of season and can recommend both. In season I did house rentals for groups of about 6.

Like cakelite says - there's a lot of different demographics in Provincetown and then there's in season and out of season which can affect where you'd want to stay imo. Neither of the inns I recommended have pools but our favorite house rental did.

To get recommendations that fit your stay you might want to provide details as to whether you'll have children with you or whether you're planning a summer or off season visit etc.
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Response by poster: HI! Good questions! It is just my wife and I -- no kids or pets. And this is for this upcoming weekend. I know, it's a long shot that anyone even has openings...
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I can second the White Porch Inn! We stayed there twice towards the end of the season and we really liked it.
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