Autobiographies or memoirs by crafters or artists, in last 20 years
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Looking for autobiographies or memoirs written by crafters or visual artists, and published in the last twenty years. In English and not in comic or graphic format. I already know about autobiographies by Grayson Perry, Keith Brymer Jones, Tracey Emin, Ai Weiwei, Emma Reyes, Marina Abramović, Celia Paul, Marion Coutts and Esme Young. Thank you.
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Stephanie Pearl McPhee has several books of non fiction that I think might qualify as memoir.

Knitted memoir is a sub genre and while I can’t think of any other author names, off the top of my head it should point you in the right directions.
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Clare Hunter's Threads of Life is more of a pop-history book on the embroidered arts but her final chapters as she talks about her work with grassroots organizations in Glasgow struck me as such a shift in tone when I first read it that it might fit your ask.
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Response by poster: Oh I'd forgotten about knitting memoirs - thank you! The Clare Hunter book sounds good.
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I really enjoyed Hold Still by Sally Mann.
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How To Catch a Frog by fabric designer Heather Ross. Mesmerizing.
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Kaffe Fassett has an autobiography. He is a knitting, quilting and fabric designer, and kind of a colour guru.
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I really enjoyed reading Old for Art School: A Memoir of Starting Over by Nell Painter
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Broadway star Sutton Foster has a memoir about how crafting helped her deal with anxiety and trauma: Hooked: How Crafting Saved My Life

You might also try this one from a quilter: How to Stitch an American Dream by Jenny Doan.
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Austin Kleon writes about creativity and such, and occasionally recommends the type of book you’re looking for. I remember him having an easier-to-browse bookshelf of recommended reading, but a quick search only turns up this “bookshelf” category on his blog.

Bonus: his reviews are concise!
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Not sure if this (kinda?) counts, but Easy Crafts for the Insane by Kelly WIlliams Brown.
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I really liked Kate Davies Handywomam which traced her recovery post stroke and career change from academic to knitting designer.
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