Android&Windows cloud writing app with word count displayed?
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For reasons, I need a writing tool that has both an Android app and access from Windows - with extra software or a browser version - and displays a word count the entire time in both versions. This is surprisingly hard to find, because for example Word does it well on Windows in the status bar, but the Android app only displays it in print view when you move the screen, and in mobile view not at all.

The non-negotiable elements are cloud storage of files (so that I can write and edit on various computers and phones) and a running word count. A dream feature would be a word count per session as well, but I'll settle for any word count being displayed on the phone screen as I'm writing. Advanced word processing or markup etc not necessary. The less distractions the better.

Alternatively, is there a way to force Word to display the word count continuously in Android, in either view?
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Just to clarify - does it need to be a word processor (with support for text formatting, multimedia stuff, etc.) or can it be just a text editor (with support for plain unformatted text and nothing else)?

Also is in-app cloud storage a hard requirement, or is it okay if it saves files in a folder Dropbox or whatever can access?
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Response by poster: Clarification - plain text editor is okay. Built-in cloud storage is a hard requirement.
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JotterPad on iOS, Android, Chrome extension, and webapp AND Mac. It will access cloud storage easily. In fact there's a dedicated tab for this function, DropBox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, it'll do it all on Android.

HOWEVER, cloud sync requires a "ProCloud" subscription of $3.33 a month.
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Simplenote does this in the ResophNotes client (which I have used for years) but I'm not sure about Android - there are several clients though and I would be willing to bet at least one has a live word count.
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