Help me bake great oatmeal cookies?
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I would like to bake oatmeal cookies tonight. I had a recipe picked out, but it needs dates and I forgot to buy those. Hoping for something delicious, filling, with a good texture for a toddler. I will put the ingredients I do have below.

The recipe doesn't need to include all of these ingredients, but can't include anything not on this list.

* Rolled oats
* Buckwheat flour (I use this instead of wheat flour because my son is allergic to wheat)
* Dessicated coconut
* Chia seeds
* Margarine, coconut oil, rice bran oil
* Almond flour
* Almond flakes
* Eggs
* Honey
* Maple syrup
* Brown sugar
* Baking powder
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The dates are almost certainly for sugar, but it would help if you shared your recipe. To sub I'd use 1 part honey to 3 part brown sugar, maybe in just over half the volume called for in dates.

You don't list any fruits here, but if you have a banana, or canned/baby food pumpkin, peach, or plums, or any dried fruit you can blend up, those would also be good subs for that sugar and fiber.
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Response by poster: This is the recipe I wanted to make:

I do have some other dried fruits (prunes and raisins) but I am nervous to substitute those because the flavours are quite different.
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Just looked at your recipe and honestly I'd sub in the prunes you've got 1:1 for the dates. They'll do exactly the same thing.
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Prunes are not nearly as sweet as dates, so if you want to swap them, I'd do half mashed prunes and half honey or maple syrup. Dates are basically pure sugar.
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Apples. I have a really yummy oatmeal cookie recipe that uses diced apples of your choosing. Its basically a standard oatmeal cookie recipe, but you let it sit in the fridge for an hour or more to let the apples and everything else hydrate the oats. Its amazing. Replace with (in my opinion tart) diced apples of your choosing.
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