What was this episode of a documentary series about American Football?
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I am trying to find an episode of a documentary series that focused on American Football injuries. I thought it was part of the “30 For 30” series but none of the episode descriptions seem to match. It touched on professional, collage, high school and middle school, but it seemed to focus on how increased competition at lower ages was leading to more serious injuries as the kids were developing.

This episode was part of a well known series, possibly “60 Minutes”, “30 For 30”, etc, but I have been searching these for years and can not seem to find it. I probably would have watched it online as opposed to on network TV, and it probably would have been over 5 years ago. If I remember correctly it was made around the time the NFL players long term effects of concussions were making headlines, most likely 2012-2015, so relatively modern. It could be that it is a web series with the same name as a network show.
The basic theme was that as bad as injuries are at the pro level, the cumulative effects of injuries at the lower levels can be more devastating because of the multiples of the number of players at the lesser levels.
Would anyone know what I watched?
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PBS/Frontline had an episode/documentary in that time frame, called League of Denial. It's mostly about the NFL, but I remember some segments/minutes about college and high school sports too.
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HBO Real Sports has done many episodes about football/CTE/youth injuries, etc.
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This is the FrontLine episode: https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/league-of-denial/
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