Transfer music from ipod to new computer?
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Is there a way to transfer music from my ipod to my new Macbook? I can't do a computer to computer transfer for reasons that I don't think are really relevant but I guess if you need them to help answer the question, ask away. Thank you.

Please don't be a dick; last time I asked mefi about a computer thing people were really snarky about my computer abilities (or lack thereof) and I really am not looking for that. Trust me, I too think I am an idiot in many more variegated ways than you can possibly imagine and you don't need to add to it.
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There are a number of apps out there specifically for this purpose, although I wouldn't be surprised if they're all out of date and don't run on a current machine. Apple doesn't even make an ipod anymore.

However, you don't need that software. This seems like a detailed walkthrough of the steps you'll need to take. These instructions are a bit dated, but I suspect they'll hold up. They're also a bit fiddly—it is not a "one click and you're done" process.
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Best answer: What kind of iPod?

If it's an iPod touch/something running a reasonably recent version of iOS, I use a piece of software called iMazing to download things from my iPhone/iPad to my computer. It's not free, though.
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I just did this not too long ago. Plug your iPod into your computer. You should get an icon on your desktop. Open it. Press command, shift, and the period key all at once to show your hidden files. Open ipod_control. Make a new folder on your desktop. I named mine music. Copy and paste the music folders from the iPod into the new folder. This can take a while depending on how much music you have. Once they are in the new folder, drag the files to Apple music.
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Response by poster: Yeah, RIP, ipod, that is part of why I am trying to transfer stuff before it's too late, technologywise (if it's not already too late). Thank you!
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Best answer: FWIW, iMazing's guide says iPod Classics are supported and they specifically list music transfer as a feature and they have a how to guide as well. I've only used iMazing to pull things off of an iPhone, but it worked great, and the software is pretty straightforward to use. It was well worth the cost of the license.
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Best answer: nth-ing iMazing for music transfers to a Mac.
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Response by poster: Thanks y'all, trying iMazing and it is in process of transferring my (insanely large amount of) music!
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Response by poster: It worked, thank you thank you thank you all (an auto update messed up my old computer and the Apple geniuses messed it up worse and I was kinda convinced my ~20 years of music and I were stuck cause ipods are on the way out).
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