Not As Smart As It Could Be?
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I have an ID 208BT smartwatch. It runs on the VeryFit app. The watch is amazing for what I paid for it, but I'm confused by what the app says it can do vs what the watch is capable of.

In addition to all of the other icons that actually do allow the watch to measure something, the app has icons that measure blood pressure & respiratory rate; functions the watch does not have. When I tap those icons, the message is, "Wear a device to obtain data." So, it seems the device I'm wearing isn't capable of measuring these two things even though the app paired with this model watch.

In fact, the app pairs with every ID model smartwatch according to the capabilities of the watch, which makes me wonder, is there a model that DOES measure respiratory rate and blood pressure in addition to what it already admirably measures?
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It's weasel-words.

The watch is 'capable' of 'monitoring' blood pressure--i.e. if you pair it via Bluetooth with a device that can 'measure' blood pressure it, it will display the output of that device and record it so you can analyze it with graphs and/or set alarms and/or target values.

I'm guessing no watch in that model line can actually measure blood pressure, because designing something to do that is expensive and not worth the effort for a device at that price point.
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There are no consumer wrist devices that give satisfactorily reliable blood pressure readings. It can collect readings for you from a Bluetooth-enabled monitor and display it along with other health information, which can be convenient, but it can't measure BP itself.
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