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Is there an off the shelf part that I can slide into this metal bracket, that I can affix to a piece of wood/ metal backing that two 12" wide stamped metal label dispensers are affixed to?


The interior dimensions are 3.5 cm height, 3 cm depth.

2 of these label dispensers

I could just screw them directly into the concrete, but I really want the option to easily remove and relocate the dispensers (freestanding on a cart or a desk) to a different part of the warehouse.

Any alternate recommendations for a "slot" that I can affix to concrete and a "tab" I can affix to the back of the dispensers??
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Unbolt that bracket, drill a pair of 3/4" holes in a 1x3 strip of pine to replace the metal and screw into that?

Edit: Use a scrap of 3/4 plywood so the whole dispenser sits on a nice wooden frame.
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I'm pretty sure there is a commodity item that you can slide into that kind of steel, but I can’t remember the term of art.

Because I have lots of scrap wood and various saws: I would take a square of plywood, and fit bits of wood so that it can hang from the metal like a French Cleat. You could then easily remove it in the future and put it somewhere else, probably using a real French Cleat system this time.
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It looks like you could just get a metal bar of just the right height and thickness, and get holes drilled into that to take the label dispensers. Then just slide the bar into that bracket and you're good.

Maybe add some shims in there to make sure the whole thing isn't likely to slide and/or rattle around.

If you don't already have digital calipers, they will make the measurement of this easy. They're not that expensive.

You'll probably have the dispensers leaning forward a bit, so just put some kind of back piece behind the bottom of the dispensers to fix that.
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That looks like generic "strut" material -- you can get cone nuts that snap into the strut channel, then you bolt through a wood board into the nut, then screw the label dispenser to the board.
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Best answer: That's Unistrut on your wall, for which there are many fittings. I think perhaps a pair of spring nuts would do the job or perhaps studs, though these may require drilling larger holes in the label dispensers.
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You just need a couple fender washers of the right diameter, slide into the bracket, stick a bolt in from the back of each, slide on the dispenser, and secure with a washer and lock nut. Unless the bracket isn't 12" long, in which case i'd probably just drill new holes closer to the center of the dispenser, but I have the metal-cutting drill bits on hand.

Or you could find some T-molding that will fit into the bracket and screw that to the back of the dispenser, narrow side against the back. Then you could just slide it in and out.
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Best answer: Yep, the name for that is Unistrut. Perhaps this adapter or this adapter plate would work (or provide inspiration). Both are just quick search results, I can't vouch for the specific parts or vendors.
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Channel nuts of one sort or another are the answer. They’ll receive standard machine screws, which can be used to attach whatever you want.
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Attach the dispensers at the top to steel strut cover with short sheet matal screws. A 12" length will snap in and out pretty easy. You need to provide a shim at the bottom of the dispenser to keep it vertical other wise it'll pop off if some on pushes in at the bottom.

The cover is available in pvc too which doesn't grip as tight which might be better.
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The dispensers are, rounding up, 12 inches wide and 9 inches tall. I'd mount them to a 12x18" piece of wood and then remove the bracket and mount the wood directly to the wall bolts.
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