Right side panel on Gmail disappeared?
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We're a small company; I have a colleague whose Gmail side panel has vanished and I'm trying to help. It's not the new one (from the recent Gmail update) on the left but the one on the right where one's integrations (Calendar, Zoom, etc) appear. It's collapsible (as is the case in the image). Confirmed that my user's panel is not collapsed; it's just not there. (The image above is my screen). Searching (ironically, Google) provided nothing useful.
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Mine show up by clicking the 3x3 grid on the top right beside the gear symbol. Does the user have that?
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In the new gmail view there is a small tab in the bottom right that opens and closes the right side bar for me at least.
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Seconding cmm. At the very bottom right, a tiny arrow will pop out as you hover over it. That will expand the right sidebar.
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Response by poster: It's specifically NOT the little small tab in the bottom right . . .
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If you are looking at the "New Gmail View" then there is a small tab with an arrow that appears on the bottom right, as the others have said, when the right sidebar is collapsed and no longer visible (as in your screenshot).

If the tab is not there, I'd first check their settings to make sure they are using "The new Gmail view" setting, which you can access with the gear icon on the top right.

If they are doing so, and there's no tab, I'd suspect an ad-blocker interaction that is preventing it from showing up. But you might also troll through the rest of their gmail settings to make sure they haven't selected something that would potentially block it.
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Sometimes things disappear or move in google apps/page when the page is too small (as measured in pixels) or it otherwise determines that you are using a small screen, like maybe a mobile phone.

I've had this happen on my quite gigantic-ish 27 inch or so monitor. Using CTRL-minus to shrink the text size sometimes helps, and sometimes I need to change the screen resolution to a higher resolution (more pixels).
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