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Every few minutes or so my Firefox browser freezes up (which freezes up my entire system) and I get an error box eventually that says "A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete." Then it gives me an option to "stop script" or "continue". I am tired of doing this every few minutes or so. Please help.
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This usually means javascript is caught in an infinite loop on some webpage. Does this happen on any specific site?
posted by null terminated at 10:48 AM on April 20, 2006

I get the same message for very long pages which use javascript, if that helps.

Does it happen when just staying on simple pages (like going through Google search results)?

Also, to help us help you, posting what extensions you have installed in FF would be good.
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Also, what version and OS are you using?
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This started happening to me all the time too. I googled and found this but haven't done it yet.
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well, it happens when FF is just sitting there open to my chosen homepage--which is Netvibes
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oh, I am using Windows XP
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and I am using the most recent version of FF--but this has been happening for awhile
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Netvibes is very JavaScript-heavy. An easy solution is to change to another homepage (e.g. ProtoPage).

If you're running GreaseMonkey, check if there are any scripts running when Firefox hangs.

If you're determined to find out specifically what is causing the script to run slowly, the Venkman debugger for Firefox might help (it's distinctly non-trivial, though).
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I used CunningLinguist's hack. It helped alot.
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I kept getting the same errors over at and I tried the hack and (so far) it's working. NICE!!!
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Doesn't CunningLinguist's hack just cause Firefox and Windows to hang for longer before the slow script popup appears?
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and come to think of it, i don't get this message on my home computer--just on my work computer, of course that could mean anything --or nothing--(oh my head hurts)
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My link to ProtoPage was broken - it missed off the '.com'. But, when I clicked on it, Firefox automagically guessed that I wanted to go to It seems to guess based on your browsing history, so if you try '', it'll go to, but if you type '', it'll go to What a great, hidden-away Firefox feature!
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Have you tried disabling all your extentions?
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actually, matthewr, you are getting the google "i'm feeling lucky" results for '' and '', which is firefox's default action for unrecognized stuff in the location bar
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Ah! Thanks misterbrandt.
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well..I don't want to disable my extenstions because I want to use the ones that I have
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I had the same problem awhile back; it turned out to be the "SessionSaver" extension I was running. Replaced it with "Tab Browser Mix" (which also has session saver functionality), and the problem was solved. As a bonus, FireFox as a whole ran much faster.

Of course you want to keep your extensions, but turning them all off and seeing if the problem goes away, and (assuming it does) turning them back on a few at a time until you come to one that causes the problem to return can help identify one that needs to be upgraded or replaced with another that provides similar functionality...
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