Apps to use with new iOS 16 remove background feature
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iOS 16 has a surprisingly fun new feature that lets you easily crop the subject of a photo out from the background, which you can paste into messages or notes and can be saved as a transparent background .png. How can I have even more fun with this?

I am having way more fun than a 46-year-old should, and am wondering: what easy (ideally free) apps can take advantage of this? I'm picturing something that will let you paste and arrange multiple layers, add text, etc. to make fun memes or just goofy pics to entertain myself.

How else are you having fun with this feature so far?
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The real fun with images+iMessage is stickers. I used to use PicsArt to manually crop out images and then slap them on top of other people's bubbles (which is the advantage of a sticker).

This app looks nice but is $2.50. I'm sure there will be a wave of free/adware copycats coming along very shortly.
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I've been pasting them into the free Sketchbook app on iPad, but you can also install it on iPhone and use it directly there. Definitely has multiple-layers and adding text capability!

(n.b. three-finger paste does not seem to work in Sketchbook - to paste, long-press on a layer and choose the "paste" option; if necessary, resize with two fingers to make it appear. There may be other free apps that do this more efficiently - would love to learn about them!)
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