Warm and happy TV episodes. Entire seasons need not apply.
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I'm looking for individual episodes of TV shows that are wonderfully warm without awkwardness, tragedy or cruelty. Think the very best episodes of Call the Midwife or Brooklyn 99 or MASH. Silly or sincere are both fine. I just want to be beaming or laughing or crying happy tears at the end. I don't care if I need to pick it up from the middle or if I'm missing some context. Thanks!
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Best answer: “The Stackhouse Filibuster” - The West Wing: Season 2, Episode 17
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So much of a Ted Lasso fits this bill-let me
Look at specific episodes for you if you haven’t seen it already.
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Best answer: I am right now watching my favorite episode of Derry Girls which is Season 2, episode 3 in which the Derry Girls sneak out to see a Take That concert.
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Best answer: Take me out to the holosuite from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is on the silly side, but it’s a go-to comfort watch for me. Low (but not no) stakes, and very warm.

The finale of The Good Place always makes me cry in a good way.

If you don’t mind a murder mystery element, the X Files episode Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose always gives me a kind of quiet happy feeling.
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Best answer: Seconding Ted Lasso, the Christmas episode in particular (S2E4, "Carol of the Bells"). So many acts of kindness and getting out in the community (or making community).
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Best answer: Ted Lasso, season 1, ep 8
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Best answer: The Christmas episode from Season One of BBC’s Ghosts. It is lovely and left me with a good feeling.

(Context for the show, which I stress is a comedy and not at all scary despite the title: a young London couple inherit a large estate from a distant relative. The wife hits her head and is suddenly able to see ghosts (the husband still can’t see them but knows they are there because the wife tells him). There is a group of ghosts who have haunted the house for a long time (one of them is a cave man who has haunted the land for millennia). They squabble amongst themselves and are like a family, and they grow to be very fond of the young couple, who also get quite attached to them. I think it’s a really nice show about chosen family and also very funny and touching.)
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Best answer: Also, Ted Lasso, season 1, ep 3
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Best answer: The Parks and Recreation season 3 finale, 'Little Sebastian.'
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Best answer: Joe Pera Talks With You, s2e8, "Joe Pera Watches Internet Videos with You". Joe Pera and his girlfriend can't sleep so they stay up all night watching Internet videos.
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Best answer: And the series finale episode of Detectorists. Just good feelings all around.

And the series finale of Schitt’s Creek. I cried unashamedly with happy tears. Oh and also the SC episode “Life is a Cabaret.”
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Best answer: There's a murder mystery element, but one of the handful of episodes I saw of the Miss Phryne murder mystery show was the one where her assistant gets married (looking it up, I see it's "Death Do Us Part"). Even though I wasn't very familiar with the characters, I thought it was very sweet. But you might want to double-check with someone else who knows the show.
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Best answer: I loved the series finale of Hart of Dixie.
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Best answer: Another good X-Files episode that would fit the bill is “Post-Modern Prometheus”.
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Best answer: Schitt’s Creek Season 4 Episode 6 - Open Mic
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Best answer: The Visitor, Deep Space Nine. It is deeply moving and heartfelt and consistently ranked as one of the best episodes of the entire show.
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The episode Blink from Doctor Who - Season 3, episode 10.
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Best answer: Bob’s Burgers the Hauntening episode.
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Best answer: I have watched Episode 5 of the 1996 Pride and Prejudice TV series, so many times. Perfect.
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Best answer: "The Supremes" - The West Wing: season 5, episode 17.
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Best answer:The episode Blink from Doctor Who - Season 3, episode 10.

Um, Blink is terrifying?
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Taskmaster, almost all episodes available on youtube. I am working through season 13 now, but will honestly just randomly grab an episode sometimes and then loop back through that series. I have choked with laughter on some episodes. Everything is low stakes but the participants (usually 80% professional comedians) all take it as a sort of improv madness.

Another very good one is Would I Lie To You? (WILTY) which is also available on youtube in various versions. Any episode involving Bob Mortimor will have you howling.
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Best answer: I don’t know if Better Off Ted is still on Hulu, but if it is, season 1 episode 4 , Racial Sensitivity, and season 1 episode 8 You Are the Boss of Me are both just wonderful. You can also throw in episode 12, Jabberwocky.

And if you want to go with classics, season 6 episode 7, Chuckles Bites the Dust, from the Mary Tyler Moore Show is incredible. So is the season 1 Christmas episode (14), Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid.
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Best answer: Yeah hell no to Blink - that episode gives me nightmares and it's been like 10 years since I watched it.

I really enjoy Hilda as a whole series, but S1E4 "Chapter 4: The Sparrow Scouts" is super lovely. I would recommend S1E3 "Chapter 3: The Bird Parade" but the protagonist witnesses some cruelty that moves her to stand up for the bird that is harmed, so that may not fit your prompt.
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Best answer: I really love the Thanksgiving episodes of Bob's Burgers. Bob loves Thanksgiving so much and gets so excited and his family do not necessarily join him in this excitement. Some of the best ones are Season 7, episode 9, I Bob Your Pardon; Season 10, Episode 8, Now We're Not Cooking With Gas; Season 8, Episode 5, Thanks-hoarding; Season 5, Episode 4, Dawn of the Peck; Season 4, Episode 5, Turkey in a Can; and my favorite, Season 6, Episode 4, Gayle Makin' Bob Sled.
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Best answer: I'm so glad I'm not the first to recommend Take Me Out to the Holosuite. Even though I know what's gonna happen, I sob happy tears every time Rom comes up to bat...
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Eh, Blink is a complete story in an hour, with two happy personal relationships achieved, despite life/circumstances, and the only death is someone who dies of old age. It has scary elements but is poignant and lovely with a wonderful ending so I disagree with the negative views.
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Best answer: Northern Exposure, "Spring Break" (S2, E5)
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I'm a little late here, but we're watching the entire King Of The Hill series (again), and episode "Aisle 8A" (S4 E5) is really sweet, especially at the end. Some great girl-power vibes in that one. Written by Garland Testa, who I now see actually wrote several similarly themed episodes for the series (and is a POC). Yay diversity in mainstream TV! (20+ years ago)
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I haven't seen most of these, but this list sounded promising.
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