Please help me set up this new router
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I signed up for Ziply wifi and need to set up this new tp-link router. Unfortunately I know almost nothing; my ex-husband used to take care of this. What I do know: I have an Apple Time capsule, a modem, and a cable coming out of the wall that goes to the modem. I don’t really know where the time capsule fits into all of this other than it automatically backs up my laptop. Am I giving this up now? What about the cable from the wall?
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Got a model number or picture of the TP-Link router? Is that the one that Ziply sent to you? And is the modem what you had before Ziply Wi-Fi?

I also would have expected that Ziply would come out and do an install, and at that time also set up the router to ensure it’s working. If there is an upcoming install, I think you can just wait until the tech comes for the install and have them set it up.
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Do you mean Ziply Fiber? That's what I have, so I'll try to explain the setup assuming that's what you have.

Ziply should have provided you with a cable coming from the wall (a relatively thin one, as it's a fiber optic cable) going to a box which you called the "modem" (technically it's called an Optical Network Terminal or ONT, if you need to look up terminology). I'm also assuming that you aren't renting a router from Ziply, as that would make your TP-Link router redundant.

The router will typically come with an Ethernet cable, which looks like a thicker cable with wide phone-jack-like plugs on each end (as shown in this wikipedia article). On the router, there should be a jack labeled "WAN". You will plug one end of the Ethernet cable into that jack, and the other into one of the jacks on the Modem/ONT. The port is labeled "GE1" on my ONT, but I don't know whether they gave you the same model of ONT that I have. In any case, you can try any of the jacks that fit until it starts working. If you did rent a router from Ziply, they will have already set it up such that it's plugged into one of these jacks, and you can swap it for your TP-Link router and cancel the rental once you get it set up, or continue using it instead of the TP-Link router. The rental router should have a sticker with the WiFi network name and password on it, and you can use that and skip the next paragraph.

Once you have the router connected to the Modem/ONT, you should follow the instructions that came with your router for setting it up. This process will depend on what specific router you got, so if you have the model number of the router we can potentially provide additional instructions. The model number is typically on a label on the bottom or back side of most routers. Most routers these days have a setup process that will walk you through setting up a WiFi network and password.

Once you have the router set up, the easiest way to get the Time Capsule connected would be to use another Ethernet cable to connect it to one of the LAN ports on your router. Otherwise you will need to set it up to use your WiFi network and I'm unfamiliar with that process.
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Also, in general I've found the Ziply customer support folks to be pretty helpful, so definitely give them a call if you're having trouble setting things up.
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Response by poster: Okay I'm all set! Thanks!
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