How to get colors consistant on monitor/printer/scanner?
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I need to be able to print/view & scan colors accurately. What is the best way to go about setting up color profiles for multiple printers, a scanner & a monitor for the best "wysiwyg"?

I have a ViewSonic monitor, a HP Scanjet 7400c scanner, an Epson Photo 2200 inkjet, and a HP 8500 laser. My job requires me to scan & print, and the color never matches. Where do I start? I'm somewhat familiar with profiles, I'm on a PC, and I print mostly from Photoshop.
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I had a similar issue and I picked up the colorvision spyder2 suite at a computer store. There are a number of other manufacturers that make similar software, but I don't know the names of the top of my head.

This software uses a USB widget that you temporarily attach to your monitor, and it makes color measurements and creates the profile. The suite also included some configuration software that allowed me to configure my printer.

It took about 10 minutes per computer to run through the wizards, and now my print output is very similar to my monitor.

If you do go this route, make sure that you buy the software that closely matches your needs. They seem to come in a variety of features (and prices) from amateur to professional.

Good luck!
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Oh, lord, are you in for some fun now.

Seriously, color management can be seriously headache-inducing. I seriously suggest you get yourself a copy of Real World Color Management It might be a bit too in depth, but it will certainly give you a solid foothold on the subject.

The first place to start is to see if there are any pre-made color profiles available for all of your hardware. These will at least give you a place to start...just to see if you can get it all working together. If there aren't, then you will have to create them yourself. Headaches will ensue.

You will need a calibration tool for your monitor. Anything on this page should do fine.

Also, I suggest you look into any of the forums/lists listed at The Adobe and Apple color management forums are quite good (and, yes, I realize you're on a's still the same science)
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