Please give me the name of a certain "degrowth" community
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Trying to remember the name of a community that was either in England or in the eastern US, where there were primarily blocks of row-houses dating to the Industrial Revolution that were mostly lying vacant and decaying. There were still, though, a certain number of people trying to continue living there, and they were assisted by an architecture firm recently to re-use many of the vacant structures either as semi-outdoor spaces, or as semi-indoor spaces. So, all the derelict properties, which were mainly constructed in brick, were capable either of functioning as something like 'garden walls' or they were still strong enough that collapsed roofs could be inexpensively given coverings that allowed more use of the space (though it wasn't heated, etc.).

It was more than sustainable; it was regenerative. It relied on needing to appropriate these dis-used structures, so it was as much a policy intervention as a design project. It fits into the ideas of "degrowth" as well.

All of it is collected in a book about the community that was published in the last few years. It's not Detroit. It may have been in the outskirts of London, or near another large former-industrial city either in the US or the UK (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Liverpool, Manchester). The whole project by the architects takes the name of the community, and that is also the name of the book. Thanks to anyone who can help my memory!
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Best answer: Was it Granby Four Streets in Liverpool? I'm not familiar with the book but the project aligns with the details you've given. The architects are Assemble.
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Best answer: That’s it! Thank you so much. The book is one Assemble is producing themselves and is to be released soon under the title “Collective.” I needed a bit of a prod to reawaken the memory cells, and you’ve given that and more. Much appreciated!
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