Is there a snack box subscription like Graze still available in the US?
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I used to have a Graze snack box subscription. I really liked that it rotated through a variety of savory or lightly sweet snacks in individually-packaged portions. Graze is no longer available in the US--is there anything similar? Most everything I've found is candy-heavy, focused on international treats, or unappealing-to-me "healthy" snacks--I don't want any of that. I do know about searching CrateJoy, I'm looking for specific subscription box recommendations here.
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Response by poster: I should add: No dietary restrictions. Just a preference for variety, more savory than sweet (but I'm not looking for, like, charcuterie boxes), and things that aren't mostly alternative grains or trying to convince me seaweed counts as a snack.
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Universal Yums
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