9/17/2022 - 9 Boston Location-Based Riddles
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I'm still in a competitive scavenger hunt that takes me across Boston, to be the first to find a small token. They are placed in the last few days and just released. It's fun, but I'm in a competition where we are supposed to "use all of our resources". Askmi is a resource, right?

Last time, people seemed to really enjoy helping me solve these clues! Even if you aren't familiar with Boston, often the right keywords into Google can certainly help!

I need to go to the location, and then actually find the token. Then - I redeem the token for around $220 (each clue, if I'm there first)! If you would like to join and hunt yourselves, you are definitely welcome too - it's called the golden goose scavenger hunt, which you can google. There's 300 riddles total, and I'm having a blast tracking some down!

I've been told that the clues can be referencing businesses, statues, murals, streets, anything around Boston. Usually the first half of the riddle leads to the general spot, and then the second half leads to the specific spot. But, sometimes it doesn't follow those regulations.

Rules: They are usually outdoors. They aren't in cemeteries. You don't have to pay to enter. No treasures are hidden anywhere near train tracks or in train stations.

A pioneer in electronic sound
Has got a wooden seat that can be found
Within a spot where Elijah and Moses
Tend to their honeysuckles and their roses.

Upon a place where boats launch and arrive,
You’ll find yourself a keen, kinetic five
That change their shapes whenever a fair wind
Encourages them to pirouette and spin.

The city has a hidden sacrament:
A two-tiered circle, laid out in the sun.
A place where uniformity meets defiance,
As cats along the river become giants.
The bright blue pupil blinked once at the news
That marching soldiers had, strangely, confused
Their orders, and were marching, strong and slow,
Along the highly populated road.

The ranger’s office by the pond has got
A level viewing area on top
Where you can see the water hit the sand—
And music too (if you can stand the band.)

The elevated fretwork— plain, unkempt—
Stands symbol of the simple, homegrown gent
Who rose from humble hillocks as he sought
Saint Anselm’s seat below the sacred cod.

At stated seasons, we all go to chase
Enjoyment in the water and the waves.
And in one trough that’s between two great crests,
We obtain our safety and happiness.

There’s nothing quite aesthetic as a bean
That’s snuggled in an armored shell of green,
And sits beneath a soft and silty flow
Of mocha cinnamon falling like snow.

The beasts along the Charles with the green
Feet curling, claw-like, up out of the rain
Might take a cue from two of their brethren
Who huddle in their hut, out of the storm.
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Response by poster: 162 was correct, someone grabbed within a few minutes.

We snagged 165. Still on the hunt for more!
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Just a guess but 161, might be referencing Amar Bose, the founder of Bose who also worked at MIT for over 40 years and donated all his stock to them when he died. There would have to be some sort of memorial (perhaps a bench) to him on the MIT grounds. The fact that they are using "Moses" and "roses" might be some sort of hint. That's all I got though.
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