Jeans while dining at Cafe Du Parc at The Willard in D.C.?
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How out of place would I be/feel wearing tourist jeans and clean but casual shirt for Friday dinner or Saturday lunch at Cafe du Parc in The Willard Hotel?
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I haven’t been there in ages but I think that would be fine. I’d guess people would be more likely to be dressed up for Friday dinner because they may be coming from work but I’ve been to snooty restaurants in DC and that place was not snooty. And that’s a very touristy area so they’re probably used to it. Enjoy!
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+1 to Kat. You won't be the only person in jeans and a shirt with a collar. At Shōtō on the other hand...
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They aren't going to deny you entry. How out-of-place you'll feel is a more personal decision. DC isn't really a "jeans town" in the same way that, say, Philly or Pittsburgh is. At least not at a place like the Willard on a weekday.

For me, personally, because I like to blend in to my surroundings, I'd probably want to wear non-blue jeans or some jeans-style-but-not-denim pants (Prana or any other "travel pants" in a dark color would be my go-to, as a guy). But that's driven mostly by my intense desire for social camouflage, not a fear of literally not being allowed in.
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Going to disagree a bit with Kadin2048. As long as the jeans are dark and not worn, and you wear a casual shirt that does not have a wild pattern you should be fine. I've been wearing jeans while going out all over DC for years. It will be fine as long as the place does not have an explicit dress code. You just have to own it.

I'm a woman but my husband also does this, both with and without me. His advice is that you will make out best by being unremarkable - i.e. neat, clean, and with a newer darkish pair of unworn jeans, and a button down shirt in blue or another neutral color - casual/short sleeve shirt is fine; just no patterns, or only a subtle stripe pattern. Polo shirts that don't read "about to go do sports" will also work as long as the color reads unremarkable.
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DC isn't really a "jeans town"

Only in the sense that many people in Washington (I have a strongly-held belief that Washington is distinct from the District/DC; The Willard is Washington) don't dress stylishly enough to own nice jeans or even realize they could. You're fine.
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