Connotations of the name Miho in "Love and Leashes"
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In the Korean Netflix movie Love and Leashes, a kinky young guy buys a black leather collar for himself with MIHO written on it in Roman letters. Miho isn't his name. The English subtitled dialog suggests it's SOME kind of name, and he bumblingly tries to pass it off as the name of a dog when a coworker sees it, but its real significance is never explained. What would its connotations be to a Korean audience?
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Miho doesn't seem to be an uncommon dog name in Asia. I'd imagine it's similar to someone in the US getting a collar that said "Spot".
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Best answer: Hwyengr has it. It's a popular dog name in Korea, specifically a female small dog name. I haven't seen the movie but I'm guessing the name on the collar is basically intended to show that he is being diminutive by ordering the collar for himself, with a feminine name. It would be like Fifi or such.

This site talks about a pretty Korean dog called Miho who is quasi famous on insta:
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In Japanese it's a girl's name. And have been the name of probably some famous anime and drama characters -- if you find it in a non-Japanese community, unless there's an actual local name it's probably popularized through that pathway, which is how it happened in Korea.
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