Windows display problem
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Asking for a friend as they’ve already tried what I would suggest. Whilst using laptop plugged in the screen suddenly turned off. Also getting no display when plugged into tv with hdmi. More

They’ve tried;
1. Removing both ram sticks separately and rebooting
2. Booting in safe mode
3. Removing battery and booting off mains power alone
4. Battery reset pin.

None of the above worked.It boots up and the Face ID lights flash as if they’re recognising my face like they usually do, then I get 3/4 windows system noises (eg like when you take a usb out etc).”

Seems like it was the graphic card it woulda defaulted to onboard graphics, and if it where the physical connection to the display Would have worked. Does this seem familiar to anyone?
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Edit: Reading more closely and it sounds like your just quit and isn't coming back after reboots. Leaving the comment because I don't think the graphics reset is well know but I don't think it will help your friend.

You can quickly reset your graphics driver using Win + Ctrl + Shift + B. Of course that assumes that the driver has become confused and won't help if it's a hardware issue.

I occasionally have to do it twice, and after you hit the key combo pause for a bit, it often takes a few seconds for it kick it. There should be a beep to indicate that it's doing things.
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Sorry, but how about some more, relevant, details like make, model and age of the laptop?
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Laptops may have a backlight that can go bad; can you perceive anything on the screen. If it has a VGA port, try that, somebody you know has a spare VGA monitor.

Laptops often use onboard graphics for the BIOS, so not seeing that is informative. Any chance the HDMI port looks damaged? so it thinks there's an HDMI device attached.
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how are they using the laptop if the display doesn't work? does the laptop have more than one GPU?

sounds like one of the GPUs stopped working. check Device Manager. on my laptop (which has both a "low power" AMD GPU and a "performance" Nvidia one) if I disable the AMD GPU in Device Manager then the HDMI port stops working, but the builtin display and Thunderbolt output still work.
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If the laptop screen is dark, and they’re not getting a signal to the external tv via HDMI, I’d say it’s a good bet the GPU is borked somehow.
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Sometimes the old ways work. How to Troubleshoot Beep Codes.
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