Where can I find Noggin commercials set in a workplace?
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I'm looking for digital versions of a group of commercials for Noggin.

The commercials are set in an office, with all adult actors. One example: A manager tells his underling "Bill, I'm afraid we have to let you go...unless (brings out a board with shapes on it) you can tell me which of these shapes is an octagon."

I've tried Googling, YouTube, and Noggin's site with no luck.
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Heh. My favorite is "Yes, tech support, can you send someone over to fix my computer? ... Yeah, well, these shapes aren't going to sort themselves."

So far no luck on finding them, though.
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Try a monitor if you're willing to pay. It won't be cheap.
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i watch degrassi, instant star, o'grady, and south of nowhere RE. LI. GIOUS. LY. but i haven't seen these ads. are they running now?
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I work for Noggin/The N. I don't think we ever digitized those, but let me look into it a bit.
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patricking, I think you're watching "The N," the post-6 p.m. version of Noggin. I doubt these commercials -- which are oriented towards the preschool programming -- air during "The N."
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TonyRobots, as long as you're in this thread, can I please beg you guys to bring back the early seasons of "Sesame Street"? You guys used to show first season (back when Oscar the Grouch was orange!) and some mid-1970's seasons back in 1999-2001, and oh, how I miss them. I was a college student at the time, and I convinced my housemates to upgrade to digital cable just so we could get Noggin, just so we could get those episodes (and the Electric Company)...
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I'm not in the Programming department, but I believe we no longer have rights to run Sesame shows, sadly...

Still working on getting these spots for you gnomeloaf. We don't have them digitized, but the producer who made them is bringing me a tape and I'm going to look into digitizing them myself. Then I'll either put them up somewhere on noggin.com or just youtube 'em.

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Thanks, TonyRobots...those commercials are clever and hilarious, and I always thought it was a shame that they're only on the channel for which they advertise.

Asparagirl, if you haven't checked out The Electric Company DVD set that came out recently, you should!
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We're gonna get them digitized and put them up in the Parent's section of the site. It will probably take a few days, though. Look for them early next week!
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Once again, AskMeFi gets results! Cool, TonyRobots!
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