Name these cats!
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Time for an AskMe staple. I am adopting two black-and-white brothers. Picture of one of them here (his brother looks very similar). So no tuxedo but cow-like spots and a black and white face. His brother only has the black "mask" over one eye. What would you name these cats?

I do not really like human names for cats, and want the cat names to go together. I also have a preference for names that end in -y or an -ee sound but that is much less important (they will be called kitty half the time anyway...)

I will come back and pay cat tax when I have them in my home, I am just jumping the gun.

Thank you!!
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Balthasar & Beauregard.
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No names to suggest. I just wanted to say that your kitty (kitties!) has such an incredibly sweet and curious face!!
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We sometimes regret not having named our two tuxedo cats Time and Money or Motive and Opportunity.
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Mono for the one eyepatch guy and Chrome for the other.
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Inky and Blinky
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Chuggles and Rothgar.
posted by Ursula Hitler at 9:08 PM on September 15

Oh my goodness what a cutie! 😍

Jiji & Kiki

(from the studio Ghibli film)
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The one pictured looks like a Vincenzo. Vinny to his friends.

With only one picture, you only get one name.
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Jake and Elwood to me.
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Merry and Pippin.
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Gizmo and one of the other gremlins. Like Lenny or stripe.
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Galileo, Gregory, Gizmo, Patrick, or Bruno.
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Pill and Bug
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Fish and Chips
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Oreo and Hydrox.
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Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.
Snugglepot and Cuddlepie are two adventurous little gumnut feline foster brothers who long to see a Human. Snugglepot, the leader, and the gentle Cuddlepie are good friends ... and together go on many heroic adventures.
Snug and Cud for short.
Potty and Pie when necessary.
SnugPie when entwined and melded.
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Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Robin Hood and Little John
Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings (if they sing the song of their people at odd times)
Smoky and the Bandit
Substitute your favorite crime fighting duo here.
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Hook (for Mr Eyepatch) and Smee.
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Nut and Bolt
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I might wait a bit to see how their personalities work out, but:

Salt and Pepper
Rook and Knight
Monkey and Turkey
Glory and Honor
Kitty 1 and Kitty 2
Thunder and Lightning
Treble and Bass
Hazard and Danger
Squeaky and Sneaky
Question and Answer
Antsy and Fancy
Porridge and Oatmeal
Mop and Bucket

I didn’t manage to get too much of that -ee ending in….
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Zorro and Moo
posted by pipstar at 4:27 AM on September 16

Dangermouse (Mousie) for the one with the eye-patch and Penfold (Penny) for the other one.
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Machiavelli and Galileo, who will almost immediately become Mac & Gal.
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They're not orange cats but Jonesy and Ripley?
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Best answer: Minnie and Moo in honor of their Zorro masks - Minnie for the one with it only on one side.
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"Harlequin" for the little guy with the half-a-diamond on his face; you get "Harley" as a nickname, so it satisfies your -ee constraint :)

Other names in the same vein would be available for kitty #2, but "Colombino" would be the natural pairing for my hopeless romantic streak. "Bino" doesn't end in -ee but you could always just call him "Bee."

Failing that, Tango & Cash, or maybe Yin & Yang?
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Eenymeenie and Mineymoe
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Hap and Stance
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If you want a really deep cut, Bele and Lokai.
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wizard and warlock
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MeFi & AskMe
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An old friend named her feline brothers Goober and Raisinet. There used to be a memorable advertising jungle that sold both candies in the same ad so they were often thought of together.
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Best answer: They're cow-print cats, so--Guernsey and Jersey.

(Despite the fact that black-and-white spotty cows are usually Holsteins. I think the general cow connotation is enough.)
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Or, they could be the Bean brothers--Pinto and Orca.
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Wynken and Blynken
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Use adekllny's answer but just the name Harlequin shared between them. Harle & Quin.
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Pie and Baldy
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Pea and Pod because they're like two peas in a pod.
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Best answer: You could name them after the number of spots on each one.

Or maybe Dice and Domino.
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Spot and Bandit?
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Mrs. Example insists that I tell you to call them Fanty and Mingo, after the Serenity characters.
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Happy and Dopey, after the Dwarfs?
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Dandy (the monocle guy) and Dude (the one with the shades).
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Bingo and Bongo
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Also, I know you don't care for people names, but there should be a moment of consideration for naming any set of almost-but-not-quite-interchangeable brothers Bret and Bart. Especially in black and white.
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Bingo and Bongo
Oh, yes! Or any from these lists of tuxedo-owning and -wearing characters.
Jeeves and Wooster. Or Bertie and Jeeves. Or Spink Nottle and Pop Glossup and you could call them Spink and Pop or Nottle and Glossup.

Technically they're all human names but they don't sound like human names plus the humans in Q are fictional and so highly colored as to seem more like cartoons than actual persons.
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Bossy and Bonny, or S'more and Oreo.
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Cutie & Pi
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Peepeye and Jinx
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Response by poster: I named them Macaroni and Colby...which were not any of the choices. Top contenders from this were Minnie & Moo, Jinx, Guernsey & Jersey, and Dice & Domino. Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions!!
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Such pretty little moppets! Macaroni is the image of my dear departed Ludmilla.
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