Receiver / bookshelf speakers for audio n00b
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I'm several decades out of knowing anything about stereo equipment, but now find myself with a small amount of space where I could set some up and get some LPs and CDs out of storage. I need some help in knowing what to buy.

I am half deaf, so by no means an audiophile, but can generally tell the difference between "total garbage" and "pretty good". I'm looking for some pretty good, experience-rooted suggestions for:

1) A receiver / amp
2) Bookshelf speakers

I'll be running a CD player and a turntable through it. I have a subwoofer. Budget for this is flexible, but affordable options would be great (I'm keeping an open mind here at the start). Available vintage and new are both of interest.
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What models are the CD player, turntable, and subwoofer you want the system to work with?
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Response by poster: What models are the CD player, turntable, and subwoofer you want the system to work with?

I actually have a number of each, all in storage - the only model # I have on hand is one CD player, a 1990s Pioneer PD-4300 (I also have a Sony 6 CD changer of the same vintage). The turntable is a mid-range Pioneer from the same era.
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Best answer: Having owned vintage audio equipment in the past, and tiring of repair bills (and unreliable information, and the audiophile ecosphere), I was given a discontinued, non-bluetooth version of the Yamaha R-S202. Newer Yamaha stuff both sounds good, and appears to be relatively bulletproof (their life cycles before they release new products seems to be pretty long, which to me is a good sign). It can accomodate a powered subwoofer, but we don't use one, so I can't comment on that requirement. Ours drive a pair Dayton B452 speakers, which, for the size and price, are pretty damn good.

We run a home theatre PC, turntable and have a loose 3.5mm jack for phones or shit if anyone wants to commandeer it (back when having people over was a thing). A+++ will Yamaha again (but probably won't have to for a really long time).

I cannot handle the audiophile game, and this setup is both simple, reliable and sounds better than (granted, a small) sampling of other home listening experiences I've had or been witness to.
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I literally just set up my receiver/tape deck/CD player/record player this week and dusted off my old Bose 101s and I have to admit, they're a zillion years old, super compact and still sound great. They're also easy to mount just about anywhere. And they'd match the vintage of your system.
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If you're willing to put a little effort into hunting, some great deals on receivers can be found at thrift stores. Barring that, I have a pair of Yamaha TSR-7850s that I picked up for about $250/each on a discount site that sound substantially better than the cheap receivers but seem to be going for more these days.

The same thing is true of speakers - if you're willing to wait and hunt, you can find some excellent speakers for next to nothing at thrift stores but there's also a lot of junk to wade through.
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The Micca MB42X speakers punch way above their price point, provide a lot of detail without being fatiguing and are fantastic paired with a subwoofer because they’re light on bass.
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I also have the Yamaha R-S202 and that is connected to pioneer speakers from their E. Jones line. It is just great for listening to stereo.

I even use the speaker switcher to use it in two different rooms. And I like these speakers so much I am sitting next to a set of towers from the line, I also use them in my living room, have another set of older towers in the basement and have a set for surround sound. I just realized I have like a dozen of them. Every generation of them gets better but apparently there is too many people like me because they are always out of stock now.
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