Find Me A Timer with Loud, Long Alarm & Huge, Bright Display
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My excellent swimming timer broke and is no longer made. While I’m working out, my vision is poor and my short-term memory is absent. My minimal critical specifications:
  • alert for at least 30 seconds, very loudly
  • display time via big digits at least 4 cm/1.5 in high (ideally, LEDs for legibility)
  • remember at least one duration

If I’m spending more than $100, I also would like:
  • can store several durations, with a distinctive label (abbreviation, different color)
  • waterproof
Maybe there’s a fitness bracelet/watch that could do this? A simple app for a SIM-less Android phone?
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Best answer: maybe this Large Digit Loud Ring Water-Resistant Timer by Reizen? I couldn't find anything with LEDs that didn't required a cable.

I searched for "low vision timer" on a few assistive tech websites that I knew of.
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Can you share the model number of the timer you liked?
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Best answer: These classroom alarms are huge (4"x7") and loud, but probably not waterproof: lakeshore learning reading alarm

your phone should have timers on it, that you can play audibly. Mine (iphone unf) will play for like 1/2 hour if I don't deal with it. most smart watches will, too. They'll give you a thump on the wrist that you probably won't notice, but they can also play audible alarms, that idk if you'll notice.
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Response by poster: You folks are awesome! Thanks so much.
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Best answer: This alarm clock with timer is $12 on Amazon, large letters, claims to be 90db, and doesn't turn off until you do so.
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Tangential to your question, but "prescription" swim goggles have been a life changer for me.
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Response by poster: My vision is not correctable via Rx goggles, sadly.
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Best answer: While LED stuff (including clocks and timers) require more power than LCD gear, if they run off USB you can hook them to a standard powerbank. Just weigh the lack of waterproofing against not needing mains power, and for just having it on the edge of a swimming pool, putting the lot in a ziploc bag should be sufficient.

This alarm timer takes 5V, so that one would work although you might need an USB-to-barrel power cable such as this one; the page doesn't show the back of the unit nor the adapter, so I can't tell.
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Response by poster: Oh! Deploying a power bank is brilliant. Modified search strategy led to SwimNerd Personal Pace Clock although the mandatory settings app has terrible ratings.
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Response by poster: Follow-up: the PERSUPER Rechargeable Digital Timer at Amazon has bright red LEDs and a loud alarm. I get 3 swim sessions on one charge (via USB-C cable). It’s not waterproof, but so far it’s been okay in a plastic zipper bag.
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