CB2 Infinity 2’ x 3’ walnut mirror: what’s the hardware?
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Sorry for the very specific question, but I have a CB2 mirror with no hardware provided. The website says it’s a cleat mount but I didn’t get a cleat. Customer service has been of little help. If you have this mirror, can you describe the cleat dimensions and so on for me?
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Here's a page of cleat mount hardware from Home Depot. It looks like it distributes the weight across the wall effectively, make sure you get nails into studs as much as possible.
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Response by poster: (To clarify, I’m looking for the cleat used in this particular mirror.)
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Ask for a replacement mirror, it's supposed to come with mounting hardware, unless you bought it discounted.

It's unlikely you can find the exact mounting hardware they use, but if you can provide some images of the back, we should be able to point you towards something that will work.

The description says it's a French cleat system. This just means there should be a 45 degree undercut on the mirror to rest on a mating 45 degree bracket mounted to your wall. The actual dimensions are not standardized. It's possible to make a replacement if you have access to some tools and customer service continues to be unhelpful.
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