I need new stuff to listen to
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Podcast recs please

Anything but murder true crime or D&D. My ADHD brain needs new podcasts please help. Ok thanks 👍
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Best answer: Mission to Zyxx is an improv sci fi podcast which parodies sci fi tropes, especially Star Wars. I generally found it low key amusing but there were two times where I laughed so hard I thought I would crash my car.
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Best answer: The Bugle (if nothing else)
Twenty Thousand Hertz
99% Invisible
Song Exploder
The Allusionist
Oh No Ross and Carrie
Mass For Shut-Ins
Good Job Brain
Proof (from America's Test Kitchen)
Vacation Bible School
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Best answer: Cast On (knitting & craft related)
Love to Sew (sewing, clearly)
Maintenance Phase (debunking junk science behind health & wellness)
No Such Thing as a Fish (fabulous facts from the QI team)
Pratchat (essentially a book club for Terry Pratchett's work)
You're Wrong About (discussion on people/events that are miscast in the public imagination)
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Best answer: Gender Reveal (amazing interviews with trans and non-binary guests)
Triple Click (smart discussions about video games and culture)
Nice White Parents (limited series exploring white parents’ role in perpetuating racial disparities in public schools)
Strict Scrutiny (discussion of the Supreme Court hosted by three female law professors)
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Best answer: These are some of my current favorites:

This American Life
99% Invisible
Dan Snow’s History Hit
Gone Medieval
Levar Burton Reads
Overheard (National Geographic)
Sidedoor (Smithsonian)
Desert Island Discs
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Best answer: If your metafilter name is, like my own, a reference to the kids' author Daniel Pinkwater, I want to suggest that Daniel Pinkwater has recorded audiobook versions of dozens of his own books as the Pinkwater Podcast. Highly recommend!

Also +1 to Maintenance Phase, and lately I have been listening to the archives of My Dad Wrote a Porno, which is a comedy podcast where 3 British friends read a chapter a week of the hilariously bad "erotic novel" written by one of their dads.
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Best answer: Normal gossip!
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Best answer: You Must Remember This
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Best answer: The excellent The Invisible Hand explores the complex issue of Rhino poaching.
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Best answer: Dead Eyes (technically about an actor trying to figure out why Tom Hanks fired him from Band of Brothers, but more so about rejection, moving on, show business, and more. Connor, the host, does a great job crafting narrative within each episode and across each season)
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Best answer: Ologies: Interviews with real scientists by Ali Ward who asks all the questions you might wish you could ask. Ward has a background as a science explainer. Edit with a humorous touch and to add in useful facts that help you make sense of the conversation - t it make you feel smart to learn so much material in an enjoyable way. Unlike a lot of fun science podcasts, this one does not need a comedian to keep it engaging.

You Are Dead To Me: Each episode consists of the interviewer, an expert and a comedian discussing an historical person or event. The interviewer is an historian himself who does thorough research on each topic and then interviews an expert on the specific topic along with a comedian to keep it light. About half the time the comedian has a real interest in the topic and can contribute an interesting perspective. A British show that makes an effort to bring true diversity in terms of both the people on the episode and the historical event highlighted.

Good One: A Podcast About Jokes: most episode starts with a clip of a comedian doing a joke (maybe 5-10 minutes) and then the rest of the podcast is an interview with the comedian with a particular focus on the construction of the joke you just heard. I've learned a lot about the art and profession of stand-up comedy.
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Best answer: Well, There's Your Problem
Odd Lots
Darknet Diaries
Travel With Rick Steves
Wide Atlantic Weird
The Black Athlete
City Cast (your town if they have one)
Boonta Vista
Welcome to Night Vale
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Best answer: Stuff You Should Know!
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Best answer: Huberman Lab: if you like to deep dive into the workings of the body and mind, AND learn about practices you yourself can adopt to target certain outcomes, this is the podcast for you. BONUS: he’s got at least a couple on ADHD, focus, and attention.
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Best answer: Oh! And: Bananas. Funny AF.
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Best answer: I was just introduced to "60 Songs That Explain the '90s" and I'm loving it, although it's over now.
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Best answer: The Loremen
Off Menu
The Kitchen Cabinet
Our Fake History
Completely Arbortrary (yeah trees)
Cut the Craft
Haptic and Hue (textiles in culture and history)
Now & Then (US history)
Cautionary Tales (although their distributor has an irritating ‘here’s an episode from some random show released on this feed’ habit. Hate that! )
No Such Thing as a Fish
Lovett or Leave It
Amicus (US Supreme Court watching, can be a bummer for obvious reasons in recent years)
History of English (about the language)
Lingthusiasm (about languages and linguistics but pitched for laypeople).
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Best answer: British History Podcast, he’s up to episode 400 and only in the year 1067.
Tides of History, current “season” is an anthropological deep dive into pre- and early history on a global level. Lots of interview episodes with on-point academics.
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Best answer: A History of Rock Music in 500 songs is my single favorite among my current podcasts. Go back and listen from the beginning to get the most out of the narrative.
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Best answer: It can be an acquired taste, but there's almost 22 years worth of weekly 3-hour Best Show with Tom Scharpling shows. A better entry point for his shenanigans (like I said, not for everyone) might be Meet My Friends the Friends, which is ostensibly a Friends recap podcast but is actually an experiment in long-form humor.
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Best answer: Threedom
Stay F. Homekins
Ridiculous History
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Best answer: This is Actually Happening
(First-person narratives edited so well you don’t even know the interview happened). It is the best of the best.
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Best answer: Not Just the Tudors
Gone Medieval
Straight White American Jesus (two professors of religion analyze Christian nationalism)
Tech Won't Save Us
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Best answer: Spilled Milk
Neat Boozecast
The Empty Bowl

two that are short scripted series, not ongoing:
The City in the City in the City
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Best answer: If you feel like browsing my posting history, most of my FPPs have been about podcasts. The "round ups" are mostly collections of weird (horror, occasionally SF) audio dramas, with some anthologies thrown in for good measure. Stand alone posts tend to be about single podcasts, usually history or culture. You might find some things there to interest you.
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Best answer: Wooden Overcoats! They get the body in the coffin in the ground on time.
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Best answer: Everything that comes out of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is worth a listen. There are some true crime 'casts in there but you can just skip those.

I feel truly blessed to have grown up in a country that has such a strong publicly funded, non-commercial broadcaster and it's good that its output is now so easily accessible to the rest of the world.
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Best answer: Vibe Check - Hosted by Sam Sanders (former host of NPR's It's Been a Minute), Saeed Jones, and Zach Stafford, discussing news and culture. A delight.
Into It - Sam Sanders' other new podcast, discussing pop culture.
Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend - Comedian Conan O'Brien, along with co-hosts Sona Movsesian and Matt Gourley, interviews celebrity guests.
Normal Gossip - Local, anonymized gossip stories, as related by host Kelsey McKinney. I am *still* thinking about the Amazon packages story from season 1.
The Distraction - Co-hosts Drew Magary (of Hater's Guide fame) and David Roth discuss the latest news in sports.
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Best answer: For Comedy:
Never Not Funny
Go Bayside!
Comedy Bang Bang

For Learning:
Hidden Brain
Depresh Mode
Where Should We Begin?

For Feelings/Stories:
Death, Sex and Money
Terrible, Thanks for Asking
The Moth
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Best answer: This Podcast Will Kill You (infectious diseases)
Sawbones (medical history)
Maintenance Phase (diet/wellness debunking)
You're Wrong About (history people misremember type stuff)
Quirks and Quarks (general science interview style)
Fed Up (about this fiber diet social drama stuff, haven't listened to all of it)
Serial (social societal stuff)
Slow Burn (similar to Serial)
Sympathy Pains (about a woman who scammed people)
The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week (general science)
This Week in Virology and it's spin offs (science)
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Response by poster: Thanks all who responded so far! I am excited to start listened to some of these!
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I don't care for country music, but I looooooove Cocaine & Rhinestones: The History of Country Music by Tyler Mahan Coe.

His delivery is fast and opinionated and knowing, the details are vivid, and the stories are jaw-dropping.

Each episode is a solid hour or more, and I like to listen while I do something like weeding so that I can give my whole brain to Tyler for as long as he wants it.
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I’m chiming in a bit late, but I didn’t see these listed above and they’re all shows I look forward to, so here goes:
Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby! – hosted by Liv Albert
Think Fast, Talk Smart: Communication – hosted by Matt Abrahams, Stanford Graduate School of Business (I love how civilized and polite he is!)
Sex. Love. Literature. – hosted by Ayanni Cooper and Corinne Matthews
The Politics Girl Podcast – hosted by Leigh McGowan
Hysteria – hosted by Erin Ryan and Alyssa Mastromonaco (Crooked Media production)
Pop Culture Happy Hour – hosted by Linda Holmes (NPR production)
Disaster Area – hosted by Jennifer Matarese. (Some episodes might constitute true crime, but most are about natural and man-made disasters)
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