Best sources of local news in the North Seattle metro area?
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I recently moved to an area a bit north of Seattle (Everett/Marysville/Lake Stevens area) and I'd like to get some good sources of local and state news, preferably as an email digest to my inbox. I'm willing to pay for a subscription. Any suggestions?

I had previously been subscribed to the San Jose Mercury News digital edition for local/state news while I was living there and found that it had about the right mix of coverage for what I needed. It feels like a digital subscription to the Seattle Times is probably what I want, but am I overlooking any other options? I'm not particularly interested in editorial opinions so much as having a better idea of what's going on at the local and state levels, though having a more progressive bent on the editorial staff would likely be ideal. I'm not interested at all in national coverage; it's fine if they have it, but I have other sources for national news.
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Crosscut is a good place to start for state news. Sightline covers a lot of housing and environment issues, more of a think tank covering PNW.

There are also specific transit and urbanism outlets, but those are more Seattle focused.
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The Stranger is the local progressive weekly. We love their election endorsements.
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