9/10/2022 - 19 Boston Location-Based Riddles
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I'm still in a competitive scavenger hunt that takes me across Boston, to be the first to find a small token. They are placed in the last few days and just released. It's fun, but I'm in a competition where we are supposed to "use all of our resources". Askmi is a resource, right?

Last time, people seemed to really enjoy helping me solve these clues! Even if you aren't familiar with Boston, often the right keywords into Google can certainly help!

I need to go to the location, and then actually find the token. Then - I redeem the token for around $260 (each clue, if I'm there first)! If you would like to join and hunt yourselves, you are definitely welcome too - it's called the golden goose scavenger hunt, which you can google. There's 300 riddles total, and I'm having a blast tracking some down!

I've been told that the clues can be referencing businesses, statues, murals, streets, anything around Boston. Usually the first half of the riddle leads to the general spot, and then the second half leads to the specific spot. But, sometimes it doesn't follow those regulations.

Rules: They are usually outdoors. They aren't in cemeteries. You don't have to pay to enter. No treasures are hidden anywhere near train tracks or in train stations.

A quiet spot where stony fishes, two,
Swim in a pool of water that’s not blue
But jet-black, and their eyes are big and wide
To spy the treasure that they’re trying to find.

A scene from a window, some local pals
Decide to celebrate their fine locale
By splitting a pair of ice-cold potables:
An espresso martini, and a nice Tripel.

Some acres in the city are reserved
For intellectual people to observe
A pond that is adjacent to a pitch
Where foxtails stand on end, titian and rich.

A pond that’s home to factories where textiles
Were made in buildings of a similar style
Is visible from on the bridge for those
Who paddle down the street in their canoes.

The dust and grime caking the artifacts
Was cleaned away to reveal a living past
That trembles with a pulse that gently rocks
The stethoscope of an Italian doc.

The rumbling roof keeps hidden underneath
In a dark den, a horde of twenty-three
Feather-plumed portraitures, enshrined in
Soot-covered and very rough-cut diamonds.

To join a league, call Tunney to find out
What this New England sport is all about.
And don’t fret about bringing your own shoes—
They’ve got a pair that’s big enough for you.

That dig at Chef Williams was a low-ball—
His Manicotti Isn’t Dry at All!
And those who ever argued that fact, now are
Out in front and pushing up the flowers.

From Africa to Europe, and beyond
To Antarctica— because even sled dogs
Can get filthy—this shop makes them neat.
And after they’re rewarded with a treat.

An early mayor hatched a cunning plan
To bring the famous Monster to his town.
In execution, though, the plan fell short—
He got the color right, but not the sport.

The backside of the crimson letter shows
A climbing plant, all crissed and crossed in rows.
And if you desire this treasure, don’t delay!
Or else your gold might up and roll away…

You thought the cheap seats were a killer deal,
But a big green post blocks the entire field.
And though you cannot see, you can still hear
The gameplay as you sip your foamy beer.

The stories of the West are often wild,
With white whales, treasure islands, and exiles.
And though the pages recount soggy quests,
The little roof keeps them from getting wet.

The wares within our house are snug and pressed
Together ‘neath an orange circumflex
Cupola: fresh-caught fish and cups of coffee,
Herbs and vegetables, and a small garden.

The lookers-on all cheer, but don’t know jack
About the game at all, so they hang back
Out of the six, and drop lazy F-bombs
When players overshoot their underarms.

The beauty of the prose is undeniable,
But the teller of the tale is unreliable.
He wrote of the haze in France to great acclaim,
But never so much as glanced out his windowpane.

Ten doors comprised of five letters invite
The folks of every nation to give flight
To their proud flags within a roomy space
Where no nationality should fear the rain.

The creature of the year creeps, stealthily,
Along the tiers of vibrant slabs and seats.
Be wary of the beast, but don’t avoid
The crevice where the verdant corner points.

When choosing between coffee, chai, or tea,
He selection dawned upon her naturally
When she looked underneath her little feet
And saw the shattered teacups stacked in heaps.
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If you want to join the hunt, check out the discord server. Each find is worth about $250!
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148 is Southie Bowl.
posted by rednikki at 12:34 PM on September 10

Response by poster: Update:

148, 152, 154, 156, 157, and 159 were found!
posted by bbqturtle at 12:36 PM on September 10

Is 149 MIDA?
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Response by poster: we're POSITIVE that 149 is MIDA, but we haven't found it yet :(
posted by bbqturtle at 4:02 PM on September 11

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