ISO kitschy 80s necklace
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Does anyone remember the plastic chain charm necklaces that were such a hit in the 1980s?

They looked like this, but longer and with a multitude of plastic charms hanging off, especially whistles.

I remember some girls had T-shirts that went along with these necklaces. The shirts had multi-colored chains printed across them.

Anyone know who made these or where I could find one?
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Best answer: Of course.... they're coming back in fashion now... people are selling them (the charms and necklaces) for a fortune!

Unfortunately I'm not sure about the t-shirts, have you tried eBay? It might be a long shot but you could also try contacting the independent stores that are selling the charms themselves... here's a couple where I see them regularly.

Naughty Secretary Club (despite the name, it's safe for work)
Lady Luck Rules OK
Ruby Dixie
Tatty Devine

I hope that helps!
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Best answer: Girl Props
They have stores in NYC w/ a much better selection than the site.
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I had one in either 5th or 6th grade - 85 or 86. My one-year-old daughter enjoys playing with it today. The highlight of MY necklace was a little plastic charm of a toilet. You could actually lift the seat and lid. I usually stored a brown M & M in there. Hey, I was 11.

I would suggest Ebay, but maybe that is too obvious. Good luck!
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OMG, had that toilet charm too...
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Oh. My.

I haven't thought about that in years and years... mine was purple. It didn't have a toilet on it though.

And suddenly, I'm missing my Charmkins.
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Thank you for reminding me of one of the Very Few 80's trends I forgotten!
(Dang, I wonder where my necklace got to...)
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I had one too! Didn't each charm have a little bell on it too?

Wish I knew where mine was...
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I also had the toilet charm. It had a purple lid. I think I have mine in a box somewhere.
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I had forgotten this 80's fashion flash, as well. I remember having one, but not much else. I am sure mine is long since gone. But I do have all my Strawberry Shortcake dolls! And they still smell! Good luck on your search.
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Oh, I know my mom still has mine. I had the toilet, and I also had little tiny Coke and 7Up bottles that allegedly had actual soda inside.
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Yeah, each one had a bell, and most of the ones with faces had the googly eyes.

As for who made them? I'm pretty sure "China" did. Wait, did you mean the charms or the shirts?

(And, if anyone's counting, I had the toilet, too.)
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I'd forgotten all about this! I had a couple of those. The one I wore most often had a purple chain. (I had the toilet too -- I think the seat and lid were yellow)
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Oh man. I had totally forgotten about these until my wife pulled her old charm necklace out of her parent's house last year. It made me want to go buy a pack of Garbage Pail Kids and play with my M.U.S.C.L.E. wrestlers.
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys, for letting me know I'm not delusional/remembering things that never actually existed. Now I'm off to find one -- I didn't realize when I saw the NaughtySecretaryClub stuff that it was a direct rip-off of the 80s things.

Were they really called Charmkins?
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I think that charmkins were something slightly different. At least these weren't what I was picturing.
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