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I am interested interested in different types of chains (e.g. for necklaces) and was wondering if anyone could recommend sources they've personally used and liked?

Looking for high quality (not just craft store quality, although I'm not looking to pay a silly amount of money unless it's something really complicated and knotty and intricate). I recently bought a heavy knotted chain and love it, but would also be interested in delicate things to pair with existing jewelry.

Here are some basic chain styles like what I'm talking about.

Looking for sterling silver or another metal or treatment that won't look cheap, not that nuts about gold but I love mixed metal jewelry and chains that incorporate mixed metals are cool.

I'd like to buy several to complete necklaces I already have where I didn't like the existing chains (too daintily repetitive) and others just because I like the look of wearing chains of contrasting textures together.

I hate shiny jewelry so would like brushed or otherwise textured stuff especially. Different lengths.

Any sellers/sites you like for this sort of thing?
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Not exactly what you're asking for, but the latest issue of MacGuffin Magazine is on the Chain.
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Pacific Trimming and Purse Supply Depot are my favorites. Great customer service for both.
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Best answer: AmyRT on Amazon has some chains I like a lot. It's not a big selection, but I was pleased to find that Amazon actually does have some chains (from this store and other sellers) that are good quality. I bought this one last year to replace another chain and it's been great.
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Best answer: All the chains you could ever want: Rio Grande

And more at Myron Toback. And Stuller.
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Best answer: I recently bought several pieces of jewelry from Aurate; their thing is 14K/18K gold, so you might not find anything you like, but they do release new designs every once in a while so it might be worth keeping an eye out.

Brushed/textured/not shiny makes me think of James Avery.

Orelia and Missoma are good go-tos for layered looks.
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If you're going to buy a silver necklace, consider looking for one of argentium silver. It contains slightly more silver than sterling does, but instead of making it tarnish badly like the 7.5% copper in sterling silver does, the lower amount of copper and the addition of the element germanium means it doesn't tarnish. Polishing tarnish off of sterling silver chains is such a huge pain, over the years, and unpolished silver just lacks the gorgeous luster you see in well-polished silver, the brightest of all the white jewelry metals. A non-tarnishing silver would be a major step up from sterling, so much more beautiful than white gold and also much less expensive. I've seen various jewelers on Etsy selling argentium silver chains and other jewelry, so it's reasonably well available.
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Best answer: I actually wouldn't go with argentium silver. I was a big believer in it when it was first released, but to my eye it still tarnishes, and tarnishes in a less attractive way than sterling. Sort of yellowy and splotchy, vs sterling which tarnishes dark (eventually black) and will give you an "aged" look that is more familiar. My argentium chains look kind of dirty in an indistinguishable way. If you wear it all the time though, or you don't mind cleaning your jewellery often, the colour of argentium is VERY white and cool if you keep it tarnish free.

If you don't like shiny chains, just get a scotch brite pad (some sponges have them on the back or you can get them without the sponge) and use it to knock down the polish - wet, with a touch of soap for slip. (I'm a goldsmith and this is actually the tool we use for a brushed finish on silver usually - very low tech!) for something kind of between shiny and brushed, if you order from Rio Grande or another jewellery supplier, you could also get a brass brush - this will put a sort of "burnished" finish on sterling silver, also just wet it with a bit of soapy water and brush it all over the chain firmly. I do this into my palm but it's also my job so it might hurt if you're not used to brass brushing your hand, I'm not too sure, maybe use a dishwashing glove or something?

Fire mountain gems is a good source for chains at near-wholesale price.
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