I have first vaccine boost. When will new OMICRON be easily available?
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I got first two vaccines (Moderna.) I got one booster. Really need to update next booster but if possible would prefer latest/greatest booster which also addresses OMICRON. Any idea when it will be easily available? (Austin Texas if that matters.)
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Its available right now in my US city and I'm
hopefully getting it today (adult over the age of 18). The words you are looking for are bivalent booster or updated booster.
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Walgreens (and probably other pharmacy chains / doctor's offices as well, I just haven't looked elsewhere) is already offering the updated booster -- I just took a look on the scheduling site and found some appointments available in the general Austin area as soon as later today.
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Yeah, you can schedule an appointment online at Walgreens where I am and when you get to the "scheduling" page it says "updated Pfizer" or "updated Moderna." The CVS website was less clear but a friend called and confirmed that they are also dispensing the updated booster.
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In my US city, Walgreens is offering it now, and Rite-Aid has appointments starting, I believe, over this upcoming weekend. A few days ago the local Walgreens were fully booked up but some slots have opened up now, so if you checked before and couldn't find anything, it might be worth checking back.
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Missed my edit window but just coming back to add: I have an appointment at CVS (far from you) on Sunday and when I looked at the info sheet they sent me I see that it lists both the OG vaccine (for ages 12+) and the bivalent (for ages 18+). The info sheet says the OG is approved for the initial series and the bivalent is approved for a single booster. I think the monovalent booster is just not a thing anymore.
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If you can book a booster appointment, you are booking it for the new bivalent booster. The EUA was withdrawn for the original booster.
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I got mine yesterday at Walgreens with no issue.
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Yes, check the mass market pharmacies - it's the only booster they're giving right now. I got it yesterday. Doctor's offices may not have steady supply yet, but all the big box pharmacy chains do.
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CVS's near you have the bivalent booster. there are appointments available.
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I got mine (Moderna) yesterday at Walgreens.
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If you haven't seen specific announcements about it being available near you, I would call whichever pharmacy to confirm: yesterday I had an appointment at one Walgreens where the website said it'd be the updated one, but when I got there, they hadn't received any yet. But another Walgreens did have it and was surprised there'd been an issue.
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Can you get the new booster if you had the old booster? I read a news article that says yes, but I can't find anything "official." It seems like all of the 50+ eligibility stuff is gone?
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Yes, everyone 2+ months out from their last shot is eligible for this booster.
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CVS will also let you schedule your flu shot with it, and let you schedule a group appointment for the whole family. Glory day!
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Chicago: friend got hers at Walgreens yesterday, I'm going to try to get mine when I go to Costco this evening. (I called and they do have them, but can't guarantee I'll have time for a walk in if I go after work.)
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My arm is sore right now from getting it at Walgreens in very southern Austin.


H-E-B was my goto before this, but I haven't seen any availability at the ones I checked.
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I got my pfizer bivalent vaccine today at my county health department.
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I got my bivalent booster at Safeway in the Pacific Northwest two days ago. I think Safeway is called Randall's in Austin. Safeway's website didn't indicate that their pharmacy had it available, but when I went there and asked in person, they said it is available (but they only had Moderna) and so I rolled up my sleeve. You might try giving Randall's pharmacy a call to check.
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Confirmed just got it at Costco, they've got both Pfizer and Moderna bivalents available!
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I put my zip code in the government vaccine finder and checked the boxes for SPIKEVAX and COMIRNATY and had the bivalent booster in my arm hours later. In Philly, it wasn't the usual suspects that popped up (CVS, Rite Aid), it was SAV-ON and Acme, for some reason. When I tried CVS it wasn't available - but that was two days ago!

(I just tried a couple of Austin zips and nothing came up, though. Maybe call 1-800-232-0233. Leaving this here in case it's helpful for others).
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